Halo Healthsome Cat Treats

Chloe Jo equates being fed with love.  She loves to eat. She especially loves treats, and will try anything. I have to be very careful about what she eats, however.  Her tummy can be sensitive. 

Recently we received a sample of Halo Healthsome cat treats from Chewy.com. I read about it before giving it to my Girls, as always. I always do some research, because each one has different likes and different needs. 

The select seafood combo treats are a healthier alternative to other treats. Ingredients include three kids of fish, which is an easily digestible source of protein. The fiber in Healthsome comes from vegetable and fruit sources, including peas, pumpkin and tomatoes. All calories are nutritional. No fillers or sugar=no empty calories.  

Catnip is also an ingredient in these tempting treats. The treats even have taurine, an essential amino acid for cats. Taurine is important for a cat’s vision, and also for healthy teeth and gums. This crunchy cat treat also helps keep breath fresh and teeth clean. 

Chloe Jo has had this Healthsome treat a few times over the past few weeks. I am happy to say that not only does she love it, it agrees with her tummy. She had no issues with this treat, except that she wanted more! 

As always, I recommend that all PetMoms and PetDads read and research before making changes in your pet’s diet. Each pet, as with each human, has different likes and needs. If you are not sure, talk with your veterinarian first. 

Chloe Jo

14 thoughts on “Halo Healthsome Cat Treats

  1. This one sounds good to me … I know my cats will like it. They, unfortunately, like everything, even things they shouldn't. I like the idea of healty treats so I think I will try these … do you know where we can buy them?

    Andrea @ From the Sol


  2. With 8, you can imagine that it is I' possible to find something they all like.These sound great except for the tomato part. Tomato of any kind makes Lily Olivia hurl. Glad they are to Chloe Jo's liking. Thanks for sharing the info. Hugs, Janet


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