Rubbish Tuesday, #1

There is a “new” meme that I find very intriguing. Rubbish by Roan features pictures of “old”, worn items or buildings. You post the picture on your blog and then link up to Rubbish Tuesday. I tend to be drawn to things like this, and take many pictures of them. There is a wisdom, and yet a bittersweetness in places like this. Here is my offering this week:
New Jersey

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37 thoughts on “Rubbish Tuesday, #1

  1. No one ever salvaged that? Is it just to sit there and decay? Just curious.

    I tend to be drawn to old, dilapidated houses and barns, probably because there were so many in the area I grew up in. 🙂


  2. Where were you when you took this picture … great shot and you look like you are in an airplane or something 🙂 I like old stuff … I have a house full of old stuff. I may have to try this meme. Awesome, McGuffy …

    Andrea @ From the Sol


  3. Nope; I was in the rig, going 60 MPH down the road above the bay. I truly lovethe idea of this meme. I am attracted to old stuff. The history, the bittersweetness of it, whether structure or item. It speaks to me; there is poetry there.


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