Absorbing Life

I think that most people get absorbedin day-to-day life. Sometimes life seems to devour them, as they become swallowed up by the demands of life. It is easy to become consumed by responsibilities of work, both at home and on the job. Surely most of us have felt this at some time or another. I think there are times we all  need to take a timeout. 

I love reading, and can easily become absorbed in a book. I especially enjoy books that educate me, or teach me something. I can easily become engrossed in books about animals. I often will take in as much as I can, soaking up the knowledge so I can use it in the future. 

When Bill is home, he occupies all of my time and attention. We soak up every minute together. Even doing chores is better when they are done together. However, we always make time to engage in some quality fun time. The critters like to soak up Dad, too. 

I love to immerse myself in nature whenever I can. I love to watch wildlife. Taking a walk with Stella is a great way to engage in nature’s blessings. I enjoy the simple, natural things in life. They help to put everything else into perspective. 

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29 thoughts on “Absorbing Life

  1. I try to do just that, Julia. I try to understand others, and to take their feelings and experiences into consideration. If I cannot understand, then I at least accept it. We are all in this together!


  2. I definitely can lose myself in Nature. I dashed outside to get some blooms that I noticed had appeared in my garden… then noticed how the raindrops were hanging off petals, leaves, emerging buds….the fence. The next think I know, an hour had gone by and I was wet due to the fine mist coming down.
    And it was worth absorbing every minute!


  3. Sorry about the comment (or comments) that went through, I hadn't pressed the publish button yet. 😦 Anyway, I love animal books as well, and I mostly read non-fiction books that are positive and/or educational in some way.


  4. I liove the blog hop, PONDERING, because I can learn a lot about English words by reading a post like yours. The word 'absorb' can be paraphrased in many ways.

    Have a great day!


  5. Great read! It seems during the week I don't absorb life so much, but by the weekends I am ready to totally embrace life getting out in nature to take photos and to unwind with DH. There's nothing like quality time with my sweetie. Have a glorious weekend!


  6. Losing myself in a book is so easy. Being absorbed with the kittens is a given, they need so much care. You've reminded me not to take Sweetie for granted, and get absorbed in what he wants to do once in a while


  7. Your opening paragraph is so “right on.” Sometimes I get caught up in the nitty gritty of the day and forget to enjoy life and smell the roses. You are a wise person.


  8. Absolutely and I am guilty of being absorbed in the day-to-day to-do's. I have yet to find a way around my job consuming my time, but it has made me incredibly intentional about carving out time to sit and soak the beauty of life and to actively look for it, everywhere.


  9. Nature can be so uplifting and reenergizing when my spirit is flagging, except in the middle of winter when the whole world is grey. I love to read and just don't get enough time anymore. I regret that. Have a great weekend. Hugs, Janet


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