Sisters Grizelda and Chloe Jo have always been close, though they are total opposites. They have always had daily wrestling matches. Often it begins with a rousing game of “Tag”, but sometimes it just happens without warning. These pictures were taken when The Girls were about a year old. They are three years old, now. The games continue.

Chloe Jo starts it by messing with Grizelda’s tail. 

 Grizelda retaliates against Chloe Jo.

 Chloe Jo bravely holds her ground.

 Grizelda gets the upper hand, 

 and pins her sister to the mat.

 Grizelda declares herself the winner,

 and basks in her glory.

Chloe Jo does not like losing. Ever.
There will be a rematch.

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38 thoughts on “Wrestling

  1. LOL – sounds exactly like my two oldest!
    The eldest and younger get along, the middle and youngest get along (being both girls), but the firstborn son and the first born daughter: like 2 cats. 🙂


  2. I believe I have seen this game at my house. Fonzi is almost always the declared winner, but seems to be willing to let Chachi have his day of Glory now and then … only fair, right? Great Pictures for someone who says she is not a photographer … hmmmm.

    Andrea @ From the Sol


  3. So super cute. Mauricio and Calista Jo have a wrestling match efurry morning before breakfast. Don't know why…they just do. I think it is so funny whenever I see one of my cats pawing at another one's tail. I just know it will not end well. Hugs, Janet


  4. I'm behind on my visits! Sorry! Love these pics. I love when cats do this. Alice and Arya do the same thing, although Alice doesn't always tolerate it for long. She is five years older than Arya, after all. 🙂


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