My Books are Reviewed!

Please visit Brenda of  BYG Adventures today. She has been so kind as review my poetry book Weeds, and also my children’s book, Bedtime Tail. I appreciate both her time and her support.

Along with her reviews, Brenda answered some questions about herself. I had tagged her some time ago in a writer’s chain. Brenda is a longtime blogging friend whom I respect as a person, a friend, and a writer. She has written several novels, each with a purpose and moral. Please visit her and check out her blog and her books, as well.

Weeds and Bedtime Tail are available through You can also check out Brenda’s books there.

14 thoughts on “My Books are Reviewed!

  1. This is awesome … I will go over and read her reviews, though I know all about your books already. It was really nice of her to do this and good timing too because one can always use a little boost when it has been awhile since they were published. Your followers should get “Weeds” and read it … it is good time spent … and if they have any youngsters around the house, “Bedtime Tail” is just fun. This is special in many ways … Good for Brenda.

    Andrea @ From the Sol


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