Rubbish Tuesday #3

West Texas

Abandoned Homes

As I travel with Bill in his “big rig”, my pictures are all taken at 60-65 MPH, through the window (and around the huge mirrors) of the rig. I take pictures of things that speak to me. Please bear with me; it is a challenge. 

Traveling through West Texas, was interesting, as part of my childhood was spent in East Texas. I enjoyed seeing the cotton fields and cotton gins. The oil fields were as I remembered. I always enjoy seeing the cattle, especially the Texas Long-Horn cattle. 

However, I was saddened by the condition of the many abandoned homes, buildings, and things just left standing. With all of the homeless people now, it it a shame to see empty, abandoned homes. One of the most surprising things was the trash along the roads, though. One expects to see this in urban areas, but throughout West Texas this is an obvious, widespread problem. 

A yard of abandoned items


Widespread roadside trash 

I would like to hope that they find a solution for this problem. In many other areas and states, communities  or organizations “adopt highways”. Some of the the organizations are scout troops, high school clubs, church groups, and even businesses. It would be a great solution to have the oil companies and corporations pitch in to clean up the area. They could then do routine clean-ups and then recycle much of the trash. There are solutions, and I hope Texas finds one soon, because it is worth it.

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38 thoughts on “Rubbish Tuesday #3

  1. Why is the area abandoned? Foreclosures? Lack of work? Just curious. Take a drive into the countryside here and there are lots of old, dilapidated buildings, mostly old barns. Guess it costs more to have them removed than to let them decay.

    Trash, though, seems to be a problem everywhere. :-/


  2. West Texas is harsh country. It can be difficult. However, Texas is not a poor state, and I fear West Texas is neglected. It ends up being in the hands of the people vs. politicians.
    Most areas have old buildings, barns, etc. It is a product of people. But the trash is what really shocked me. Litter is a problem everywhere, though mostly an urban one. I have not seen it this extreme in other rural areas or states. Again, there needs to be a solution, as it affects all living things.


  3. About the roadside rubbish, I'll have to say that Wisconsin has almost none of that. I was surprised when driving through several other states that there was so much rubbish lying in the ditches. It is very sad. So plan your vacation to Wisconsin, where it's clean and green! (unless it's totally white, which it is for 5 months out of the year!) LOL


  4. I agree. I haven't seen this anywhere to this extent, not even in other similar areas/states. Some cities and urban sprawl areas have problems with litter. I felt very sad seeing this. The politicians and corporations need to help the people that are there.


  5. How anyone can throw something out the window of a car is beyond me. I think that the Illinois highways are in pretty good shape, at least downstate anyway.


  6. Any type of abandonment is sad. I think of the stories some of these homes could tell. as for litter—-the question is why. Washington state seems to me to be a very clean state. No roadside trash that I have seen. thankgoodness. MB


  7. I guess the “Don't Mess With Texas” slogan isn't working out in West Texas. I wonder why the counties don't sentence offenders with more public service to help clean up the roadways. It's free labor and hopefully teaches a lesson or two. Especially in West Texas in the summertime. Whew! Love that you can get such good shots at high speed. Thank you very much for linking up!


  8. Roadside trash is bad here in north Alabama too. I want to say it is only the immature teens, but I fear there are some “grown-ups” contributing also. We have clean up days a few times a year in our little town.


  9. It is so sad that we do this to our own place! I am glad to hear there is community clean up. Ultimately this is what needs to be done, for people to just take control of it. However, I like the offender idea, as they owe society.


  10. Those are great pictures and very sad to think about the people that used to live there. We do have people here that sponsor highways and road and pretty much keep the trash cleaned up but I don't think you can stop people from throwing trash out. I do think, your mention of all the homeless people and too bad they couldn't use those abandoned places but guess no money to keep them up. Great post.


  11. It is sad that people will dispose of their trash that way, and abandoned houses make me sad. They always look to me like they are remembering better times, and hoping those will come back.


  12. Adopt a highway is a great way to keep areas clean and clear. It is sad to see abandoned structures and farms—it makes me wonder what happened to the families that lived there. Did it just get to be too much for the other family members to take care of? Did they not know? Or care? So may stories.


  13. Many of my photos are out of the window as we go by–even though I could easily ask Hubby to stop at any time (here in New Zealand, traffic is not a problem in the rural areas)! Great shots.


  14. In our city we have Adopt a Highway program and it's worth it. They have service group organizing pick up with the Scouts and Cadets and so on and there's usually a lunch of Pizza afterword. The kids have fun and they keep the roadside clean.



  15. I do find the old abandoned buildings interesting — what stories are locked up inside? But the trash – that is just sad, sad. Shame on people these days.
    We also have Adopt A Highway up here, and usually our roads are pretty good. And on Earth Days people go out and pick up garbage — we do the park across from our house.
    Honestly, I cannot believe people still litter!


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