The Tent

Grizelda often plays alone, and can even be a bit elusive. She is much more reserved and independent than her little sister, the infamous Chloe Jo. However she does have moments of silliness, too. I happened to catch Grizelda playing in her favourite place: the Tent.
 Where is that mouse?!

What the heck? Seriously, Mom? I’m busy now. 
Good grief…
Never mind.

40 thoughts on “The Tent

  1. this is why cats are awesome. when they are alone and think you're not watching, they revert to playful, silly kitties — but as soon as you catch them, it's all Cool Cat again. 🙂


  2. Oh she's funny. Just like a our cats, once they notice you are taking their picture the antics stop and they appear to be “bored” with the world.


  3. She's beautiful and the photos captured her play very well – not easy with an all black animal….and you say you're not a photographer! Huh! George and Gracie love these little pop up cubes as well.


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