Good Fences #8

Michigan International Speedway
NASCAR Race Track, Brooklyn, MI.
at dawn, from outside the main gates/fence.

Turn 4, coming towards the main grandstand.
You can see the safety “catch” fence that runs 
around the track between spectators & race cars.
While not attractive, these fences are important.

The NASCAR safety “catch” fence stands about 
22 feet high and can be found at all race tracks.
It is an essential fence that protects and saves 
lives of both NASCAR drivers and their fans.  

Mark Martin, 1998 
seen through the safety “catch” fence

Dale Earnhardt, 1998, on Pit Road
Seven time NASCAR Cup Champion 

Pit Road exit, through the safety “catch” fence.

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46 thoughts on “Good Fences #8

  1. Great story, setting and cast of characters in your photos, Mark Martin and Dale Earnhardt. Thank you for the up close tour.
    I didn't know there was a Brooklyn, MI. I went to MSU in East Lansing.


  2. I have always been an Earnhardt (Sr.) fan. My husband, Bill, has always been a Martin fan. Yes, there was rivalry. We used to go to MIS every year and stayed in Okemos (right next to East Lansing). We know MSU quite well! MIS is directly South (near Jackson).


  3. Yes, it's that time of year! Great series of fences. I always enjoy going to the Indy 500 qualifications here. Never really got into NASCAR, but it definitely has its loyal followers.

    Thanks for visiting and commenting on my fences.



  4. When DH worked in Michigan in 2000, a co-worker, who had connections took him to the Michigan speedway and they were able to walk a portion of the track. He really enjoyed the experience. Nice photo collection!


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