On the Road, Again

It has been rather busy, lately. Bill got home last Thursday, after being on the road for six weeks. It was wonderful to have him home! The weekend was a whirlwind, naturally. 

On Friday, we met up with his sister (Ronnie) and brother-in-law (Dale) at the family home where they grew up, south of Chicago. We then visited the family graves in remembrance of Memorial Day. We planted flowers there. After that we went out for dinner and visited.

Saturday and Sunday there was gardening and yard work to be done at home. Monday was Memorial Day, and also my birthday. It was very nice to be able to spend that time with Bill. 

Tuesday was last minute preparations for another Road Trip! We left home yesterday (Wednesday). Stella and I are out on another trucking road trip adventure with “Dad” (Bill). I am doing this post from Massachusetts. We have a load of tomato products to deliver tomorrow. After that, we will pick up a load in Massachusetts. From there we are pre-planned to go to Virginia for a delivery. From there, we have no idea what is next.

I have been taking pictures and notes. Stella has been enjoying the grass, as the last Road Trip was in February/March. The snow and ice storms followed us everywhere we went! She was great about everything we asked of her and shared with her. She definitely prefers grass to ice, however. She is so adaptable and loves traveling with us.

We will be on the road for the month of June. Our friend and neighbor is caring for Maggie, Grizelda and Chloe Jo (who would never tolerate this kind of adventure). I will be reading blogs and posts, but don’t know how often I will be able to post. I will post, join memes, and comment on others as I can. Please understand. Trucking is so demanding. The hours are irregular, so sleeping, eating and everything else is, too. Please know that I will be back full time in July, with pictures and stories. Thank you all; I appreciate each of you. Hugs.

16 thoughts on “On the Road, Again

  1. Wow … so much to “respond” to (will probably email you …).
    First: glad you got your guy home, happy times!
    Happy, happy birthday friend!
    And OMC and OMD … a grand and glorious trip ahead, how wonderful for you, am green with envy, safe and good travels to you both.
    Much love, Ann


  2. Safe travels, I'll be looking forward to seeing your photos! It's good that you can travel along, especially after being apart for six weeks! Wow, that's like from one season to another almost!


  3. Happy Birthday wishes (a little late). It takes me a while lately to get around to blog posts too. Sounds like you will be busy with the Trucking journey. I bet you see lots of sights while you travel and hopefully get photos. Be safe. Good to know the kitties are being looked after while you are gone.


  4. It's so great that you went with him again – keeps him company on the road and gives you a chance to see this great country we live in. M is very impressed that your kitty loves to travel so much. She's not sure I'd take that well to it. OH MY – did I ever wish you a Happy Birthday. I see from the comments above that you had one, and I've been missing for so long again. Hope it was a great one.


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