Stella on Break

Trucking is not only a busy and chaotic occupation, it is also a tiring and hectic lifestyle. Even Stella had to get used to the long hours. Each day and night is uniquely different. Thankfully, Stella does well and loves all of it! However, she makes sure to get her rest in, too. She really appreciates her sleep after a long shift.


26 thoughts on “Stella on Break

  1. What great photos…I can tell Stella is taking life easy, even on the road. She thinks that a hectic day is all about attitude. She doesn't seem to be bothered by it.

    I hope that your trucking goes without trouble.
    Stay safe


  2. You better be carefull … this looks like the good life for her. She won't want to come home and Bill would be more than happy to take her with him 🙂 Her fur sistes are missing her though, so she might change her mind once she is home. Glad you are doing well out there. Be safe, always …

    Andrea @ From the Sol


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