Seeing America

We are home. We were gone for five weeks, traveling in a semi/rig across the Midwest, New England, the South, and the deep South. We have been through rural America to urban America. It was amazing, both educational and eye-opening. 

Trucking is a very real way to see America. Nothing is glossed over. You see the heart of America, its working people. You are able to see people as they really are. You see into their lives, as you pass their homes and through their towns. Some of it can break your heart, and some of it can put it back together. I will be sharing pictures and stories of what I saw, heard, and thought.

While celebrating with those whom you love, please take a moment to think about those who may not have what you have. I am talking about those right here in America who do not have jobs, money, homes, or healthcare. Every day more people are losing these basic needs, their birth rights, right here in our own country. Every day we fight against a downward spiral economically, but also morally. However, it is our responsibility to continue this fight. The alternative is not in our American spirit.

As we are celebrating the independence of our country, I hope you will remember what our country was founded upon. Please be thankful for the freedoms that you have. Remember those who fought to obtain these freedoms, and those who fought to keep them for you, too. 

May God continue to bless the America that began as “One Nation Under God”. And may He continue to keep us that way.

16 thoughts on “Seeing America

  1. Yes, your trip so very different than vacationing and tourist destinations, you got to see life the way it really is, and you covered quite a bit of the country. Eager to hear where you loved and where you didn't like so much. I know well the sadness you speak of, I deal with it with our clients and their lives every day at work… heartbreaking, a national tragedy. Thank you for the reminder of how good we really have it, and how important it is that we preserve the foundations that make our country great! Welcome home, I'm so glad you're back, and I know your furry girls were overjoyed too!


  2. I would imagine that this is the best way to “see” America. Really see. because that's a big part of our problems these days I think: we don't really SEE anyone/anything any more. We need to look with better eyes.


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