Follow Fill In Fun #170

The “Follow Friday Four Fill-In” is hosted by Hilary at Feeling Beachie . Each week, she posts statement with blanks. Our mission, should we choose to accept, is to copy the statement and fill in the blanks on our blogs. Then link up to her blog for sharing. Hilary is always looking for co-hosts and more statements for us to fill in. Please visit her, and let her know your suggestions!

The statements & My Answers:
1. Knowledge is my favorite thing about reading. Reading always leads to learning, whether expanding upon knowledge or learning something entirely new.
2. Peppermint tastes like happiness. It makes me think of Christmas, surprises, wishes, and dreams. It is my favourite flavor.
3. When in doubt, STOP. Don’t say it; don’t do it. Think and think some more. So many things cannot be undone, and words can never be unsaid

4. Is God the secret of life? I think He is the creator and holds all of the answers. We don’t need to understand, we need only to trust. That is what faith is all about.

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15 thoughts on “Follow Fill In Fun #170

  1. I agree with your thoughts here! Books gave me a love of learning at a very early age, and it' never left. I have travelled to so many places and learned so much more by reading than I ever learned in school!

    Peppermint is a happy flavor! Now it would be fun to find out what everyone's favorite flavor is. Mine would, of course, be chocolate!
    #3 – Ahh yes, I am learning… slowly. Of course first one has to feel doubt, and even that requires some forethought before blasting ahead! 😉
    #4 – I absolutely agree, we cannot and do not need to know all the answers. We will know them someday, but not in this lifetime.


  2. You completed all these statements perfectly.Totally agree with all of your statements. I am eating Homestead Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream while reading this. serendipity. What a precious kitty saying his prayers. Hugs, Janet


  3. You are really good at this! Just from those few words in B&W, you came up with some deep emotions! I don't think I would do as well, but I might give it a try next time! As soon as I read #3: When in doubt…., I thought of my deceased sister, Jo Ann. Her motto always was: When in doubt, do without! She used it all the time when trying on clothes or shoes at the department stores. If she wasn't completely sure, she didn't buy them! Money was tight and there wasn't room for any “doubts!” Hope you're having a wonderful summer, McGuffy!


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