Black Cats are Special

We love black cats and appreciate them every day. We are blessed by two sisters, whom we have raised from two days of age. They believe we are their “real” parents, and that is fine with us.

Chloe Jo & Grizelda Zoe, 6 weeks

Chloe Jo is short-haired. She is very impetuous, affectionate, and demanding. She loves everyone: people of all ages, cats, dogs, and even bugs. Chloe Jo also has special needs. She has suffered chronic autoimmune problems from birth. These issues mainly affect her breathing, both sinuses and lungs. The problems are both chronic and serious. She is a perpetual baby in her actions and thinking. We all take care of her and make sure that she is happy, healthy and feels safe.

Chloe Jo sees things a bit differently

Grizelda is long-haired. She is cautious, intelligent, independent, and very sweet. She loves people, but needs her own space. She is very different than her sister, Chloe Jo. It takes Grizelda awhile to trust people. She can be quite elusive when people visit, including the pet sitter. Her nickname is “Sasquatch”, as there are often “rumoured sightings” of her. However, once she trusts someone she becomes very attached, too.

Grizelda is a serious thinker

 Both of our Girls are blessings. We are happy to have them in our home and heart. We appreciate their beauty, love, and the fun that they have brought to our family.

Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day! 

7 thoughts on “Black Cats are Special

  1. I have a grey cat at the barn with the same problem as Cleo with her sinus. She get bothered by sinus problem once in a while. I had the vet treat her but he told me she would have that problem all her life if she survives Well she survived and just had two grey kittens right in my way, near a big round bale of hay. I put fresh hay in a long crate and scooped the newly born kittens with hay so I didn't touched them and placed them in the crate. The mom climbed in the crate purring loudly. They are about three weeks old now and still live in the crate out of harms way.

    My black KItty has been over the Rainbow Bridge for many years now and I've never had such an amazing cat since.



  2. they are beautiful!! I had a black cat too when I was a young girl. I called him Peanut — no idea why. LOL And then when he ran away, I got a black dog! I must just like black animals I guess.
    no wait… my horse was a Bay (red with black mane/tail.) ha.


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