Grampy loved to grow flowers
in his carefully tended garden.
His favourites were the Zinnia,
saying they were like Gram,
colourful and bold,
dancing in the sunshine,
attracting others with
an unrivaled beauty.
Gram spoke of this memory,
long after she left him.
Grampy remembered, too,
as he sat in his old chair,
silent tears on his face.
~McGuffy Ann Morris
Contemplating the letter Z, this poem wrote itself from my childhood memories. Some memories don’t fade but remain suspended in the darkest corners of the heart until we shine a light on them again. Grampy, this one is for you.
Please read my Challenge Reveal Post for insight on the poetry that I chose to share here.

25 thoughts on “Zinnia

  1. Such a tender and beautiful poem, I see love flowing thru the words and down the face in tears! I'm certain that he smiled when you penned this in remembrance!

    Congratulations on completing your first ever A-Z… and what an awesome performance it was! I really enjoyed coming here each day to see what you were going to share, and it was delightful to see so many that I love and know among the mix. Well done – very well done!


  2. Gram left Grampy when I was 5. I clearly remember him in his chair, silently crying when she left. He deserved so much more, for all that he gave her. She ended up having to live with that.

    Thank you for your thoughts. I gave it my all…now where do I go from here?


  3. Stunning. It brings back fond memories of my maternal grandparents. I saw them always loving and tender but learned it was not always so… Thank you for sharing. And congratulations on meeting the challenge!


  4. This one got me a bit misty. My grandma loved her garden too, and I my favourite is the bleeding heart that she gave me. I will always think of her when I see it.


  5. You finished that one month challenge..? Missed out quite a few…I would love to read them all one by one at leisure.
    Congrats…and this one was another beautiful piece…zinnia is my fave too! Touching lines…incredible!


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