19 thoughts on “Saturday Night Fun

  1. We adore Simon’s Cat……somehow you just KNEW that we were having pizza last night – Teddy had no interest in it but I know a lot of kitties LOVE pizza! Hope the “music night” was a ton of fun…..pizza and a fire in the fireplace were OUR “fun” for the evening……….HAPPY SUNDAY!

    Hugs, Pam (with Teddy snoopervising)

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  2. Oh, I’ll have to have SO put this on the DVR so we can watch together. Hope music night was fun! I’m envious you can share his gift like that. ~hugs~ The best I can hope for is to sit and enjoy music videos together. But that is a blessing. ~nods~ Be well!


  3. How I wish that Papa Bear and I lived close enough to show up and listen to Bill play on Saturday nights and keep you company, that would be so fun! I’m glad you both have this chance to get out and relax at the end of a hard-working week! We had a pretty laid back weekend here too. XO

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