Here We Lie


By Paula Treick DeBoard

Friendships can be complicated. Megan and Lauren are the mirror image of each other. Megan comes from a solid middle-class, upbringing in America’s heartland. Lauren has had a life of privilege as the daughter of a New England senator. Yet, as life would have it, they find themselves navigating college together.

The two women share a room, clothes, and college life. Gradually, they also share advice and eventually secrets. Inseparable, their bond deepens through these important college years. Through highs and lows, the girls are there for each other.

Before their senior year, they come together for fun and sun at the vacation home of Lauren’s family. It is there that their lives are forever altered. Friendship cannot withstand everything, as Megan comes to realize. Somethings are just too heinous. That is when bonds are broken, but secrets are formed.

Many years after that fateful Summer, Megan faces the secrets she kept buried. Thrust into the spotlight of the harsh political arena, she goes back to that Summer of secrets to expose Lauren’s family truths.

Paula Treick DeBoard has done it, again. Her novel is an important read in the climate of today’s world. Her understanding of family dynamics is always clear and accurate. In this book, Ms. DeBoard also addresses deeply human elements often not discussed. In Here We Lie, she delves into women’s relationships, both with each other and with men. She also bravely confronts the taboo issue of male dominance and its lasting effects on the women it rules.

This is the fourth novel of Paula Treick DeBoard. She is an author that I always eagerly anticipate. Reflecting the world around us, her books are timely, well-written and meaningful. I highly recommend Here We Lie, and all of Ms. DeBoard’s fascinating books.


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