21 thoughts on “Be the Change

    • Hey! I thought of you and Ellen this morning while cleaning up yet another fur ball. And no, it’s not pet related, but rather a suggestion for a fill-in unless you’ve already done it. I was grumbling to myself, “If I had a dollar for every ____.” And then it hit me, you could add another blank: “I’d ______”. Heh… Be well!

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  1. Oh this is truly adorable…….I agree with everyone else – I didn’t expect that ending! Incredible little “story” and I loved that the two bugs helped the caterpillar as best as they could which is the BEST kind of friend to have – sometimes things don’t QUITE turn out like we planned though! LOL

    Happy weekend……
    Pam (and Teddy too!)

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    • Mimi, that is the point. I think we must always seek positive changes. There are risks. Changes are uncomfortable. We often need help. And, sometimes changes we like will benefit others more than us. But, if done for the right reasons, it is ultimately for good. ❤


  2. I got such a laugh. The caterpillar trying to get into the chrysalis was very much like me trying to fet into my Spanx! The ending was unexpected but very true to life.
    Thanks for sharing

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