Friendly Fill-ins: Week 92

We are happy you are here for another week of friendly sharing! As always, you can find the fill-ins here and at each Thursday. On Fridays, we post the link for sharing. Please link your post as directed. You can answer in the comments, if you need to. Remember to visit other blogs. It takes a while, but there is no rush. It is very much worthwhile.

As you read this, I am probably out shoveling snow. If I don’t, who will? We are in a snow storm. Eh, I’m good. This is my element. Cold hands, warm heart. The whole cold, hard truth. It’s just Winter. Give me the North Woods, any season. So, I am out clearing snow. I am digging out a spot for Stella and Kenzie to graze upon. I am also clearing the driveway for Bill. We’ve got this.

Bee made the LOL Home Page. We have several out there, with various cats. But, this was Bee’s first time to share. Here she is, in here Winter hibernation mode. Of course, our current cats have no idea as to the harsh reality of Winter. Nor will they ever know. This is not true of many of our past cats, who had been stray and/or feral. There were many.


Kenzie is eleven today. She does show her age a bit, but she has come a long way. Watch for her post on Sunday, as we celebrate her senior happiness. At her current age, she wears her blue hair well.

Please check out Sparks on Monday. There are some really great vibes there. The positive energy is rejuvenating. The sharing is comfortable and supportive. To those who participate: thank you. Go forth and shine, shine, shine. But, even if you don’t want to add Sparks, come read the posts. You will be so glad that you did. I go back all week just to soak up the goodness.

Have a wonderful weekend. Stay safe and warm. Always, be good to You. See you soon!

Here are my completed fill-ins for this week:

1. The Winter Olympics have always been my favourites. You probably are not surprised. I especially enjoy the ice skating, ice dancing, luge, and bobsledding. The US Bobsled teams have benefitted greatly from the research and development programs of former NASCAR driver Geoff Bodine. After leaving auto racing, Geoff went full throttle into his other love: bobsleds. He is well respected worldwide in this arena.


2. I think the most romantic movie and book is The Gift of the Magi, by O. Henry (1905). It is usually considered to be a short story or novella, but, that is unimportant. The story is beautiful. Young newlyweds secretly sell their most prized possession to be able to afford a special gift for their new spouse. The best movie based on this story is called, The Gift of Love (1978). It starred Marie Osmond. This simple story beautifully illustrates what real love does.


3. Recently, I had an odd experience when I was just waking up one early morning.

It was this past Tuesday, about 5:45 AM. Just as I was looking at the clock, the doorbell rang. The dogs heard it, too. They ran to me, looking very puzzled. I thought this was quite odd, and was just as puzzled, too. The doorbell chimed, but it sounded diminished.

I grabbed my robe as I put on my slippers. We all headed to answer the door, as the cats ran amok. Stella and Kenzie did not utter a sound. I was thinking maybe Bill had come home due to a schedule or load change. Things happen in trucking, especially during bad weather. Yet, I still felt apprehensive.

I slowly opened the front door. And, no one was there. The freshly fallen snow was untouched on the porch, the steps, and the yard. There were not even any tracks on the snow-covered road. Not even the plow had been by, yet. No one had been by; no one had been there. Yet, the doorbell had chimed. Stella and Kenzie were my witnesses.

I know I had heard the doorbell. The dogs had heard the doorbell, and had run to alert me. The cats reacted as they always do. Some hide, some are greeters. What do you make of this chilling tale? It is true and truly creepy. Don’t you agree?

Shh - final

4. I believe that love does not conquer all. However, I believe that it can give us the strength to withstand what we need to. And, I believe that if we weave that love into these situations we can make everything a little bit better, if not easier.


~Make time for some Winter fun!~
Cats playing

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54 thoughts on “Friendly Fill-ins: Week 92

  1. Happy Birthday Kenzie and Happy Friday EVERYBODY! So you have a whole lot of snow huh? We have missed out on a big snow but had plenty of ICE/sleet/freezing rain stuff which has been a challenge in its’ own way. Love your fill ins today – your favorite winter Olympics stuff is similar to mine – I enjoy almost everything about them in fact. Your doorbell story is most interesting – that has happened to me a couple of times and it’s particularly weird when you know FOR SURE nobody was there (no footprints in the snow, etc.). I chalk it up to “someone” checking in to say hi! Happy Friday………..

    Hugs, Pam

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  2. It’s very odd. A few days ago, one of my Friday morning Bible study friends said his doorbell rang at about 5:45 am, and no one was there. His wife even reviewed the security tapes, and no one was there. The cats heard it, too.

    It may be a short in the bell from the cold is the only logical explanation i can come up with. It was an extraordinarily cold morning here when it happened.

    Love and hugs to you and the critters!

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  3. Happy birthday wishes for dear Kenzie! Great answers and pictures! Maybe there’s a short in your doorbell because of the cold and snow (I’d be protesting!). But, my goodness, child, what were you thinking opening the door without knowing who or if anyone was out there??? Be safe! Hugs!

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  4. I look forward to Kenzie’s post! Happy birthday, sweetie. I got chills reading about the doorbell, but believe that electricity fluctuating could be the reason. Did you test it afterward? It could also be failing.

    Our electric car started honking the other day after the charger went into default. And honestly, that creeped me out because a helicopter or something sounded so loud a moment before that I thought it would either land in the street or crash nearby, and its vibration is the only explanation I can extrapolate for the disruption. I unplugged the car, then the charger from the wall, and everything reset fine.

    The linky isn’t really an issue as far as I’m concerned. ~nods~ But I’ll answer here because I need to write rather than get into a blog hop. Thank you for hosting them, though. ~hugs~ You’ve introduced me to still more nice people.

    1. The Winter Olympics are something I watched as a kid. Now, I don’t care about them, though I wish the athletes all the best.
    2. I think the most romantic movie (or book) is my ‘BloodMoon’ series. Heh…
    3. Recently, I had an odd experience when I realized my character’s early love interest becomes an unwilling villain years later. He and his sister ‘gave it away’ with their hair and eye color when I was working on their origin story yesterday, which was super cool.
    4. I believe that love from my cat Luna was the soulmate type.

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    • The doorbell did not seem to malfunction. Electricity was not an issue, either. Batteries had been changed about six weeks ago. I do not trust electric cars or mowers. I am old, okay?

      I love the soulmate critters. We call them cat dogs, or heart cats. I have had a couple of each. BLESSED!


  5. I used to enjoy winter, but I find I’m handling the cold less well each year–and we’re in central Maryland, so it’s hardly Siberia! That is weird and creepy about your doorbell. Like other commenters, I wonder if it was an electrical issue. Happy birthday to Kenzie! Hope you all have a great weekend. 🙂

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  6. Hari OM
    I am watching the opening ceremony as I try to read blogs… I love the winter Os!!! Love goes a long way in tempering things, for sure; seeing a united Korea march under one flag for this event caused a tear or two here. I agree with others that the great cold is the most likely ‘caller’; spooky nonetheless! YAM xx

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  7. I love winter, too, but not shoveling snow or driving on icy roads…. To clarify. I think I am a good icy road driver, but there are far too many incompetents on the road.
    If your doorbell is electronic, perhaps the cold affected it in some way or perhaps there was some sort of low or high power spike. Due to living in the ‘lightening capitol’ of the US (Florida) we have several surge suppressors … they tend to ‘yelp’ when the power either lowers or has a high spike.

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      • I used to be really good a driving on ice, but that was with a stick shift…. at present, we have an automatic and since we don’t have snow, I’m not sure if I could do a good job with that…. fortunately, no ice to practice on.


  8. Happy Birthday, Kenzie. I hope that you have a great birthday.
    Annie, you’re a brave girl to open the door without knowing who was there. You need a peephole installed on your door. It’s good if the dogs bark when someone comes to the door.

    I tend to think it had to do with the cold. Maybe a bit of moisture got into the doorbell and the cold crystalized the moisture, causing a connection of some sort. I know, when we are alone, our imagination can work a little harder.
    Enjoy playing in the snow. I had to shovel also yesterday after the heavy snowfall.
    Hugs, Julia

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  9. Happy Birthday to Kenzie and congrats to Bee for making the LOL home page. That is an adorable meme. Great fill-in answers, I agree that is creepy about the doorbell, but no tracks or footprints. I guess you will be glued to the tv for the next 2 weeks 🙂 Enjoy! Very true about love too. Have a great weekend! XO

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  10. Annie,

    Your odd experience with the doorbell chiming reminds me of past experiences where I wake to the sound of a phone ringing only the phone isn’t ringing nor did it rang. All I can say is I must’ve been dreaming. Maybe you jerked when you woke up causing the pets to react the way they did but who knows maybe God was getting your attention for some reason. Sometimes when I’m startled awake for no apparent reason, I offer a quick prayer thinking that perhaps I’m being called to intercede on my loved one part. You never know, right? Thanks for hosting and have a good weekend!


  11. Happy birthday, Kenzie! And a wonderful day to all of you! As always, your fill-ins are a joy to read. The Winter Olympics have always been my favorite as well. The only sport I ever really watch in the Summer Olympics is gymnastics, but when it comes to the Winter Olympics, there aren’t many sports that I don’t enjoy. Your doorbell story gave me goosebumps. I want to say that I hope it was just the doorbell shorting out a bit, rather than a mysterious visitor. Unless the visitor was benevolent, in which case maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. Happy Friday!

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    • I did, too. The entire thing was unnerving. I was awake. I don’t think the doorbell malfunctioned. It was recently maintained. I checked it right after, and it was fine. I just feel like it meant something. I called Bill. He was fine. So…


  12. Love all your fill-ins, but the doorbell one is a message of some kind. I think that there will be an answer for you in the near future.

    Love all the kitties and especially Bee.

    ♪♪Happy Birthday to you,♪♪
    ♪♪Happy Birthday to you,♪♪
    ♪♪Happy Birthday Dear Kenzie,♪♪
    ♪♪Happy Birthday to you.♪♪

    Have a purrfect Feline Friday. Big hug my friend. ♥

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  13. Happy Birthday Kenzie!! ❤ She is so blessed to have become a member of your family!

    You certainly get plenty of exercise and fresh air this season, shoveling snow is hard and heavy work!

    I enjoy those Winter Olympic events too, I think it is more fun to watch than the Summer Olympics.

    I am not familiar with that story or movie, or at least I d not remember it. I will have to check it out. 🙂

    I have had that exact same thing happen with the doorbell on more than one ocassion in the past. It is unnerving, especially if you are home alone, but when clearly no one was standing there to ring it, I like to think a loved one from the spirit world was stopping by to visit, or there was a reason God wanted you awake at that time.

    I agree with you that love does not conquer all, I wish it could. But I do believe that love covers all, love endures. We can love those who seem to be unlovable, we can love people even if they don't love us, we can love those immediately around us and love those far away. Love is the most powerful force in the universe, it can change things, because God is the beginning and end of all love.

    Have a great weekend with Bill at home, and keep warm! XOXO

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    • Well, God knows that I am up at that time…someone else might know, too.

      I think we all wish love could conquer all. Love can change things. That is why we need to be true to love, and give it sincerely. In the end, it is all we really have, because love remains.

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  14. “Cold hands, warm heart” here in Germany, too. But I don’t mind it, I like the crisp air.
    Great answers and pictures, as always!
    That was really strange, a doorbell ringing with nobody there. Good thing your pets reacted to it, too, so you know it wasn’t an illusion. Creepy…
    Will be watching out for Kenzies’s post, good to hear she is still healty.

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  15. Annie, you know I always think you select the best memes for your fill-ins. #3 is strange and scary and impossible to explain. I would think it was a dream if the dogs had not responded as well. The world and our lives are filled by unexplainable things. Sometimes, we just don’t notice them. That is a most romantic book and movie. Books written and movies made that don’t have explicit sex are much more romantic. Please be careful shoveling. I cannot believe you can handle that, and I truly worry about you. Take lots of breaks to get warm and rest. Sending lots and lots of warm hugs, love and prayers, Janet

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  16. Happy Birthday to Kenzie! Congrats to Bee!
    Skeery with the doorbell… yikes.
    I hope you are bundling up really well when you shovel… that is some tough work! I used to really love winter but as CH and I get older I find I am pretty tired of it. It’s beautiful but I guess we are just getting too old to deal with it.
    Enjoyed your Fill-ins!

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  17. That incident with the doorbell is just strange and freaky. I’ve had something similar happen a couple years ago. Congratulations to Bee on making LOL Home Page.
    This is so true: love does not conquer all. However, I believe that it can give us the strength to withstand what we need to.

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  18. Those were some fun kitty photos. – The spooky story was interesting. – Loved the little video at the end. So sorry you are still having snow. The fill-ins this week were good but alas I didn’t have time to do them.


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