Zen Cat


This is perhaps my favourite picture of Grizelda Zoé. She was nine weeks old, and already an old soul. We were experiencing what was to be the third worst snowstorm on record (for NE Illinois). She and I watched the blizzard, content to be safe and warm together. Very zen in thought and action, Grizelda is still the most like me. ♥

Shared with: Comedy Plus for Aww…Monday!

27 thoughts on “Zen Cat

  1. I love the silhouette against the outside snow. Puurrrfect! Normally, I love staying all nice and cozy during a good snowstorm, but this past weekend’s ice derailed a planned baby shower so none of us were very happy. Not much Zen going on…….!


  2. Pets are much like kids, no two alike even though they are all raised the same way. All have their own personalities and gifts.
    A lovely zen kitty indeed despite the blizzard.
    Thanks for sharing this special moment.
    HUgs. Julia💓


  3. Such a sweet photo. I bet Grizelda was really fascinated by all that snow. This photo makes be feel peaceful and quiet. We have had very little snow this year but endless days without sun. It’s starting to drag me down. And now Tom is sick. I’m praying it’s not the flu. Hope the kitties are all doing okay right now. Love and XOXO, Janet 💝

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