Friendly Fill-ins: Week 94

We are happy you are here for another week of friendly sharing! As always, you can find the fill-ins here and at each Thursday. On Fridays, we post the link for sharing. Please link your post as directed. You can answer in the comments, if you need to. Remember to visit other blogs. It takes a while, I know. But, there is no rush, and it is very much worthwhile.

It has been an unsettling week here. The weather was very odd. Our 24” of snow on the ground is completely gone! We had rain, storms, and above average temperatures. There has been a lot of flooding.

For the second time just this year, a close friend of mine has lost a spouse. I am just trying to be there for support. My heart goes out to them. This is a very real fear, especially as we get older. One cannot help but look at one’s own mortality. While it remains a fear within most of us, one cannot live in fear. Instead, let us look at that love and celebrate it, now. It will comfort us later.

Chloe Jo took a turn for the worse. She has been having pain, along with her kidney and intestinal issues. Consequently, she has been very moody, irritable, and clingy. Bee and Clyde have been trying to not annoy her. They seem to have always understood that she has special needs. Bless their hearts. I won’t know anything about Chloe Jo’s status for a while. She had some med. changes and has another follow-up next week. She will probably have more tests, too.

I am still having health issues, too. Doctors, tests, etc. take time. So, it has been a busy week. Thank you for understanding that life gets in the way of fun and games. Even when I have to read on the run, and can’t always comment, please know that I am there and care. I appreciate each of you.

Have a wonderful weekend. Stay safe, warm, and healthy. I will see you soon. Hugs!

1. My favorite president is Ronald Reagan because he was a true American. In my humble opinion, that is what it takes to be President of the United States. He came from modest Midwestern roots. He worked his way up in life, setting and meeting goals. He was intelligent, humourous, and he had heart. Dubbed “The Great Communicator”, he was well-respected worldwide. He cut taxes, while increasing military strength, believing and proving “peace through strength”. He clearly reiterated the purpose of government. He brought control back to the people, reducing their dependence on “government”.

I base my belief and thoughts on personal experience. I was there, just beginning my adulthood. Beaten and desperate, America had come through a difficult period: the Vietnam conflict, Watergate, The Hostage Crisis to name a few. The gas crisis and job shortages were affecting everyone. Parents were laid off, friends couldn’t find jobs. Ronald Reagan renewed hope. And, he kept his promises. We all profited from his sensible thinking. It worked.

On a final note, Mr. Reagan also loved animals. He was quite well known for his dogs and horses.


2. This weekend, I have plans to make a special dinner for Bill. I am making homemade cabbage rolls, pierogis, and kielbasa. This was all by his special request. No music night, as his friend is in Poland, visiting relatives.


3. I wear my gold cross necklace every day. Bill bought it for me and I do not take it off. It is a constant reminder that God is always with me and that I am loved.

da Cross

4. I believe that we are responsible for the things that we do that we shouldn’t do. I also believe that we are also responsible for the things that we should do, but choose not to do. These are facets of karma.



~Cook up some fun this weekend!~

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34 thoughts on “Friendly Fill-ins: Week 94

  1. Great fill-ins…..your graphics always make me smile! I would swear that was Ted in the kitchen cooking up some yummy chicken soup…. 🙂 I’m so sorry to hear Chloe Jo is struggling – I am praying for her AND for you with your tests, etc. That does get very tiring but we get the strength to go through it by holding in our hearts the belief that there’s help around the corner. Keep the faith – that’s what it’s about and I KNOW you live your life that way too. We hold all of you in our hearts – all the time!

    Love, Pam (and Teddy too)

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  2. Your menu sounds very appropriate considering your Polish friend. ~grin~ And now I’m hungry.
    As for Mr. Reagan, I’ve learned things in the last few years that have saddened me about his leadership, but the presidency is a very complicated office. ~nods~ I still believe he did more harm than good, which is more than many folks can say. And I stand by what I wrote to a magazine years ago, whose defamatory article did little more than call him rotten names. Oh, and they published my letter. Heh… I hope you and Chloe Jo are doing better, and that your widowed friend finds solace in faith such as yours. ~hugs~ Enjoy your weekend.

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    • Darla,
      On this, I am afraid it sounds like we disagree. That is okay. I respect your thoughts and your right to your opinion. I won’t cry…or melt. But, I firmly believe that no President has been as good of a Commander in Chief as Reagan since he left office. None. Not one.

      I have many friends who were military when he was in office. They agree. In addition to bringing the two parties together, he had a positive impact worldwide. He halted the Cold War. He got the Berlin Wall torn down. He greatly improved communications with many countries, including communist ones. He not only brought America together, he brought the World together. It is a complicated office and it needs someone who understands it. Reagan did. He was The Great Communicator. He united, he did not divide.

      As far as reading things? As I said, I was there when this all took place. I was a voting, working, married woman with a home to hold together. I read then and followed closely. You know that you cannot believe everything you read, especially now. There is a lot of fiction and creative nonfiction. A good writer can spin it any way they want.


  3. Annie,

    I’m sorry you have so much going on in your life with your health and the concerns of Chloe Jo. I’ll say a prayer for God see you through these rough patches. Also, saying prayers for your close friends who’ve lost husbands this year. WOW, that’s just so sad! I don’t even want to go there with my thought.

    Reagan is my favorite recent president and I almost mentioned him in my response but I decided to stick with the father of our country. 🙂 I have never made cabbage rolls but I would like to. My grandma used to make them and I remember liking them. I guess I really need to try doing this at least once. DH gave me a cross necklace years ago which I used to wear all the time but I don’t like sleeping in them so I rarely wear jewelry.

    Thanks for hosting the Friday fun. Have a good weekend, my friend!

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  4. Hari OM
    Am sending POTP to all who need it – the beautiful thing about POTP is that its efficacy works at the level each need, without prescription. Each will get exactly what they need – a little like the karma thing!!! YAM xx

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  5. I’m so sorry that your baby is feeling under the weather. I know you’ll do what needs doing.

    I’m sorry you’re having medical issues too. Prayers in progress for you and yours.

    Getting older and losing our loved ones is a painful thing. Cherishing them to the fullest each day is all we can do. Bless you.

    Love all your answers. Looks like you and I had alike adult beginnings.

    Have a blessed day my friend. Big hugs. ♥

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  6. I am sorry about your friend losing her spouse, that is so sad. I pray every day that I will go before my husband and my mom. My husband is 16 years my senior so it is definitely something I worry about.
    I am also sorry about Chloe Jo, I hope the new meds will help her. And I hope you get some answers with your tests too.
    Great fill-in answers, I always liked Reagan too. And I agree with #4. I wish you lived near me, I would give you some homemade horseradish for the kielbasa. Are you making your own pierogi or are they store bought? I have never been able to mater the dough so I buy the frozen kind and pan fry them.
    Have a nice weekend! XO


  7. We are sending you all our purrs and prayers!

    As always, I really enjoyed reading your fill-ins. Ronald Reagan left office just months before I was born, and what I learned in history classes and from my parents always made me quite fond of him. My dad was a huge fan of Reagan. And your answer to #4 is so, so true. Thank you for hosting this fantastic blog hop each week!


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  9. Sending hugs and well wishes to you and Chloe Jo. I’ve not seen a perfect President in my lifetime, however, we must realize they are human and make mistakes. Reagan was a great President, IMO.


  10. It is very true that as we get older thoughts on our mortality are always in the background, but like you, I choose to celebrate today, to love today and make good memories to keep should I need them. I am praying for Chloe Jo and for you, always. I hope they can resolve her pain issues. XO

    I agree that President Reagan did good things for our country, and was respected. Respect is important, or at least it should be!

    Your weekend dinner sounds wonderful and very traditional!

    I like that you always wear the cross Bill gave you. It is a good reminder of both faith and love.

    I think that too often people tend to only view karma as concerning the things one does, but just as you have pointed out, the things one fails to do are just as important. It is a balance, knowing what to do and what not to do, and also realizing that we must live with the consequences of both.

    Have a blessed weekend, Annie, and thank you for the thoughtful fill-in questions!

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  11. Your answers made me think, as always. I always learn a lot from reading what you and the other participants say. Well, I struggled with the fill in concerning the presidents, because I do not have all the facts. I hope you all feel better soon. And yes, we should always be glad for what we have. Take care, Viola.


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  13. We enjoyed the warm weather here … if not the couple days straight of rain. We hope Chloe Jo hangs in there – and you do too! Health issues – and the diagnosis of them – can be long and arduous. We’re praying all is well. I love your sentence about the cross necklace. I got one from my Grandmother for my Confirmation and I wore it constantly for YEARS. There was an incident where I thought I lost the cross pendant – though it had just fallen in my cleavage (which I didn’t realize until a couple hours of straight panic) – so now I only wear it on special occasions.


  14. With everything that is going on make sure that you are taking time to rest and enjoy those special moments with Bill. Princess Cookie Cat and Lord Rocky Horror send furry hugs to Chloe Jo and hope that she feels better soon.
    Love your answers to the fill ins, especially #4 as it’s so true.

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  15. Always so thoughtful in your completions, Annie. I copped out on #1 as I didn’t want to get political. I think the kitties gave a good answer though. Wow, with your health issues and Chloe Jo’s and Clyde’s, you are really taking on a big meal to prepare. I was glad when Tom said he felt well enough to go out on his birthday. He is still sick, though, and then we had the Lisbeth issue and Sawyer’s seizure and we still have Mau with the second round of eye “icks,” so I know what it is like when, as you say, life gets in the way. We have had ridiculously warm temps, breaking records two days. We could use either some rain or snow. Very dry here, and we have only seen the sun for a few hours in the last two weeks. Ugh! Please keep me posted about your tests and Chloe Jo’s. Wishing you a better week ahead. Sending lots of love, hugs and prayers, Janet
    p.s. The ginger cat stirring the post is hysterical!

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  16. Our weather is much like yours. All our snow is gone! But we know winter isn’t over yet…and we’ll get more unfortunately. We’re sorry to hear Chloe Jo is having some issues now. Sending her lots of purrs that the med changes help her feel better.

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  17. Sending prayers of healing for you and Chloe Jo. It was a weird weather week in Maryland too–snow one day, 80 degrees a couple days later. I think we experienced all four seasons in about three days! Great answers–especially #4. Hope you and Bill have a great weekend! 🙂

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