I believe that all living creatures with a heart and soul can, and do dream. These dreams have meaning, but they also have purpose. It is in our dreams that we are able to go beyond ourselves and our limitations. We can soar. When we soar, magical things happen.

May your best dreams be realized. But, if they aren’t, may they give light to even better ones. See you soon.

12 thoughts on “Soar!

  1. That was absolutely wonderful……….what a SWEET message……never give up, never stop seeing the magic, never miss an opportunity to help a friend for it will help YOU just as much. The end made me cry but they were just plain HAPPY tears…………….thanks for sharing!

    Love, Pam

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  2. Dear Ann, several years ago I followed you faithfully–if I’m remembering correctly you wrote a book of poetry with a lovely cover–maybe it had a dandelion on it–not sure and I’m too lazy to find it on my bookshelves!

    I left blogging for over two years and now I’m back and happy to find your bog again. Like you, I believe in the power of dreams to help us embrace our heart wishes. I have longed for many years to be published again and that’s going to happen in a few weeks. I’m hoping that on March 21, my convent memoir “Prayer Wasn’t Enough” will be available. It’s exciting and a little overwhelming to seek out ways to market and get that done. However, I want to do this–it’s been a heart wish–I dreamed about it (in a wonderful dream where I met J. K. Rowling and she gave me some advice!). Peace.


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