20 thoughts on “To the Moon

  1. Your words remind me of something I heard recently. As I left a local YMCA, an employee said, “Make a great day!” I liked that but have forgotten to use it until now. ~hugs~ Be well, my friend! And feel free to ask any publishing questions on the Writer Zen Garden FB page. Just so you know, authors Tina Holland, A. Catherine Noon, Rachel Wilder are among some of my personal friends, all three active on the page, and each is a super kind/helpful lady. Be well!

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    • I almost always say it that way, because it reminds me that I have control over some of it, too! Even in the midst of things, we can find good.
      Thank you, again, for the invitation to Writer Zen Garden. I truly am honoured. I did write a story for the prompt. This may be just what I needed, Darla. You rock. Hugs.


      • Awesome! And thanks for making my day yet again. As for sharing your flash fiction, there might even be an anthology to which you could submit it for publication. I have not doubt it’s good enough, depending on if you could find one that fits your theme. ~nods~ Oh, I found it! What a great take on that image. You’re amazing.

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