Friendly Fill-ins: Week 96

We are happy you are here for another week of friendly sharing! As always, you can find the fill-ins here and at each Thursday. On Fridays, we post the link for sharing. Please link your post as directed. You can answer in the comments if you need to. Remember to visit other blogs. It takes a while, I know. But, there is no rush, and it is very much worthwhile.

Stella turned eight years old yesterday. We will share a birthday post when Dad is home to help us celebrate with us.

I am still working on a couple of writing projects. I am also preparing for the April A-Z Blogging Challenge. The Theme Reveal is March 19. If you are doing the A-Z Challenge, let us know so we can visit and support you.

I still have trouble commenting on Blogger. Occasionally, it lets me comment, only to then eat my words. Some days, it is an exercise in futility. I would like to invite those still on Blogger to make the move to WordPress. I completely moved my blog and all of its nine years of content. I exported everything from Blogger to WordPress seamlessly. The entire move and set up took about four hours.

Everything is easier to use at WordPress. The security is far better. Images have nicer options for posting. Tech Support is right there, 24/7, by email or chat. I am really surprised at how much I enjoy blogging, again. I would be happy to help those who move. I know others would help, too.

Have a wonderful weekend. Enjoy your loved ones. I will see you soon!

1. Before you speak,you need to think. Choose your words carefully. And, always remember, please never forget: some things are better left unsaid.


2. After all is said and done, love is what matters. I believe it is of the utmost importance to show our love, now…while you can. No regrets later, when it is too late. It is sad to feel you did not ever get it right with someone. It is also sad to wonder if you were loved by them.


3. Winter is necessary to nature. Without it, there would be no Spring.


4. Spring breathes hope into every living thing, with fulfilled promises of renewal.


~Show your love!~
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58 thoughts on “Friendly Fill-ins: Week 96

  1. Happy Friday! Happy late birthday to Stella…..birthdays are great celebrations – even when you’re getting old like I am. I love every single one of your fill-ins today – especially thinking before you speak and recognizing how important LOVE is in our lives. It’s important to show it while we can…..! That last precious graphic of two little ones hugging makes my heart SING. “All we need is love”…….

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

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  2. It’s great that you’ve found a home at WordPress. Because i have the free version, it interrupts whatever i am doing every 10-25 seconds to ask to store information on my tablet, which is over 5 years old and doesn’t have the space. There’s no way i can do more than copy what i post at Blogger here, but you are more than welcome to read mine at WordPress and comment there.

    Great fill-in answers, and wishing many happy returns of the day to Stella!

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  3. I agree wholeheartedly with #1. A very wise comment. Words that are said can’t be taken back.
    I’m so glad I said I love you every time I signed off my emails to my daughter before she suddenly passed away in Scotland. It’s a practice I do with the rest of my three children ever time we email or talk on the phone. Hugs are important too.
    The rest of the answers are wonderful too. I love those loving kitties.
    Sorry, you’re having blogger comments problems. I did a post about all the rugs I hooked. You can go take a peek.
    Happy Birthday Stella
    Hugs, Julia

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    • Julia, I just got a whole group of layered notices from Blogger. There are several from your blog. I will catch up on your blog. I feel bad that Blogger never told me. I am sorry. I will remedy that. HUGS. Love you lots!


  4. I am so happy you are enjoying WordPress, Annie. I love it too and I am feeling the need to overhaul my theme. Must be a spring cleaning thing… 🙂 Happy Birthday to Stella! Your Fill-ins are so true this morning, Annie. Words to live by.

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  5. Happy birthday to Stella! Your fill-ins are spot on, especially #1. I think most of us have caused trouble by saying something we shouldn’t have. I’ve been thinking of moving to WordPress for a while but haven’t really looked into it yet because I know it will take a time commitment up front that I can’t make right now. Maybe later this year. Hope you have a great weekend!

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  6. LOL, I particularly love the Mother Nature Cat, but the Grammar one is a very close second because Literacy is one of my ‘pet projects’ in fact, all of my YA ebooks are available to libraries for free as part of my effort to support literacy and provide kids (or anyone who loves family-friendly books) with good, entertaining stories.
    Happy (if belated) birthday, Stella!
    I often have issues with leaving comments on blogger, too … thought it was me, so am glad you mentioned this.

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  7. Annie,

    I always enjoy reading your responses. You nearly always mirror my thoughts even though I may not answer my fill-ins the same. I totally agree with #1, it’s best to hold your tongue (see Proverbs 21:23 & 1 Peter 3:10) instead of letting it loose. Words cut like a double-sided sword and can’t be taken back as easy as it is to dish them.

    One thing concerning your linky…it might be a good idea to make the title field longer than 15 characters. I was unable to add spaces for readability.

    Thanks for hosting the Friday fun. Have a good weekend, dear friend!

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  8. Happy Birthday Stella! Nice answers, I almost had a similar one for #1. And I agree we should let those we love know it and treat them well. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! XO

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  10. I agree with you that WordPress is so much nicer to work with, though I am still learning all the tricks. I use my old Blogger ID to comment on Blogger blogs, but there are still a couple Blogger blogs that will not accept my comments at all. It is very frustrating. I know my old one was acting like that for some people too, and I have no idea why.

    Stopping to think before you speak is not always easy, but it is by far the better way to be. We also need to listen to what the other person is really saying, and not saying, before we jump in with our thoughts and opinions.

    I am totally in agreement with you about love… it is the single most important thing. Love flows from God to us, and from us to each other. Sometimes we have to keep working at it, but there are many different kinds of love and ways to love a person, and love is always the answer.

    All things work best in balance, and yes, Winter is essential to life even if it makes things rather difficult for a lot of folks. Thankfully, it doesn’t last forever.

    My thoughts about Spring are very much like yours, hope and renewal!

    Have fun celebrating Stella’s birthday this weekend! XOXO

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    • Josie, it takes training oneself, to stop and think before speaking. And, not everything needs to be said, anyway. It allows us to listen and really hear what others are saying. As for what one thinks someone is not saying…that is dangerous. That is often assuming, and not recommended. It is best to just listen to what they are saying. When the time is right, they will tell you what they need you to know. “He who is wise listens.” ~ Proverbs 12:15

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  11. I agree with you on WordPress. I’m moved and never looked back. So much better, a bit of a learning curve, but not difficult at all and there is so much help to get done what you want to do.

    Love all your answers to the fill-ins. Spot on.

    I love all the kitties. I said Aww more than once.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend, Annie. Big hugs. ♥

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  12. Great photos and great words!

    I love blogger. I tried to figure out wordpress but it wasn’t very user friendly to someone like me who has no idea what they are doing. I kept getting frustrated and just re-deleted everything


  13. Totally perfect completions and memes. You always put such thought into your completions. The kitties and my fill-ins are pretty shallow. I think my brain blew up trying to write my poem for Thursday’s post. Send me an e-mail about what’s going on with the med tests. Happy birthday to Stella. Sending you lots of hugs, prayers and love, Janet 💖🙏🏻

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  14. Happy birthday to Stella! And, as always, fantastic fill-ins. Your answer to #1 is so, so true. I often read your fill-ins and think, “I should have put that,” which is also what I thought when I read your #2. What a perfect sentiment.

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  15. #1 applies to social media too. Think before you hit send or post b/c there’s a human at the other end with feelings. I am very content with my custom domain on Blogger. It takes forever for my comments to go through on WP. I can’t tell you the number of furrends on WP who have been hacked or had their sites crash because of plugins. I like my free Blogger. I have as much storage as I want and it’s only been down once in almost 10 years of blogging. In a nutshell, I don’t pay to play and free WP has too many limitations. I’m thrilled that you love WP but it’s not right for everyone.

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    • TW, I agree. People need to choose words carefully in all circumstances. That includes social media, and especially when commenting on other people’s blogs. Always be polite and kind.

      Of course, WordPress is not right for everyone, just as Blogger is not. It is that way with most things in life. Personalities vary; people are unique. I, along with several others, had security issues with Blogger. There were trolls there, too. That was why I moderated comments. People can be very weird. I also was getting spam in my email that came through Blogger, Google+, and Bloglovin’. I do know there are many who have been very unhappy with Blogger, for these reasons as well. Many went to WP before me, several when I did, and many are planning moves now.

      I trying to recruit anyone, TW. There is nothing in this for me. I think that those who are not happy at Blogger (or elsewhere) and are considering WordPress can feel safe in giving it a go. I am very happy that I changed, and I wish I had sooner. That being said, I am happy that Blogger is working well for you, and those who feel as you do. There is something for everyone.

      Again, we do need to be sensitive to others. Karma is real, and works two ways.


  16. Thanks for sharing your experiences with WP. I am thinking about moving my blog to a self hosted site at some point, and it is good to know everything went smoothly for you.
    Great answers as always. Finding out the things that are better left unsaid is very tricky… sometimes I am really bad at! it.
    Looking forward to Stellas’s pictures. Tell her she gets birthday wishes from far away, too.

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  17. I am so glad you’re enjoying WP, Annie. I made the switch years ago and never looked back! I, too, often have issues posting comments on Blogger posts. It’s very frustrating. I just love everything about this post. All of your wonderful answers and pictures are so uplifting and sweet! Love the little huggables at the end! Here’s to a beautiful and blessed weekend! 😀 ❤

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  18. Annie I love all your answers but especially the first two – I always remember what thumper was told in Bambi, “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all”. I’m sure you know from reading my blog that love is the number one thing in my life.
    I know winter’s important but I really don’t like the cold, and spring is such a wonderful month.
    Have a fabulous weekend.

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  19. Awww those hugging kitties are just adorable. 🙂

    I probably won’t be participating in the A-Z Challenge this year. I hate to miss it, but so many things are going on right now that I won’t be able to focus. Maybe next time. Good luck to you with the challenge.

    Have a blessed weekend.

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  20. Aww…what a heart-melting picture of the kitties. They sure know how to love ❤ We loved your fill ins and the pictures, we just wished our grammarz waz that purrfect as the literacy's kitty…MOL 😀
    We always had trouble with commenting on Blogger, until Granny found out (after six years *rolls eyes*) that when she doesn't sign out of her former Blogger account, she can comment without troubles. Maybe it works for you too, Annie? Pawkisses for a Wonderful Day 🙂 ❤

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