Every living thing needs some kind of sustenance to survive. We seek that which fulfills us, but truth be known, real needs are few. There are several schools of thought on this, as man has sought to understand the world at large and his place in it.

One thing is certain. Kindness is believed to be a basic need. Studies have shown the many positive effects of kindness on all living things. However, it goes even deeper than that. When we give kindness to others, we also receive the benefits. Kindness can do powerful things. And, it is really good karma. Namasté.

24 thoughts on “Reach

  1. Wise, beautiful words. Even your prose shows your beautiful, poetic soul. Namasté, my dear. Would you consider writing a post featuring tips on WordPress? I’m interested but hesitant to dive in. Love you!

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  2. Dear Annie, I got your message on my author Facebook page, but I did not know how to answer on Facebook. I’m just now learning how to use that social media. I’m so glad to learn that you are writing. Not sure if I told you that my convent memoir will be published on Amazon on Wednesday, March 21. I’m so excited about that. I’ve told you; now when you get published again, please tell me! Peace, Dee

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  3. What a lovely cartoon short, Annie. It, and your words, remind me of one of my favorite quotes: “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” (Aesop)

    Big hugs to you, Bill and the kids!

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