Friendly Fill-ins: Week 97

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After missing a couple of Tuesday Teasers, I was happy to get to school…no, I was determined. I woke up very early and decided that I would just start my day, anyway. While I did my morning routine, I kept refreshing the home page of Two Spoiled Cats. It paid off! I was one of three First Commenters. And I was first Right Guesser. I was pretty sure of my answer, so went with my gut. I am glad that I did. Thank you, Sammy, Teddy, and Mom Pam. You put a lot of work into The Teaser to make it fun, and we appreciate it. Hugs! I have added these to my Badges page.

Chloe Jo is still having health concerns. We are having some trouble getting her pain stabilized. She has a good few days, and then she is miserable. The minions learned very early to not poke the bear. I think Bee is a bit afraid when Chloe Jo has a bad day, so avoids her. Clyde tries very hard to cheer her up. Bee and Clyde are very animated, chatty minions. They also both play fetch and are formidable opponents.

The Pelican came to our area right on schedule. They have been hanging out around the lake and neighboring channels, and adjoining waterways. They upset the seagulls, but that is Spring business as usual. They always work it out.

I have seen a pair of my beloved Sandhill Crane, too. They were in a cleared field off the backroads. It is a bit earlier than usual for the Crane. I tried not to worry, as we got more ice and snow. If God sees the tiny sparrow, then surely, He sees the Sandhill Crane!

May St. Patrick of Ireland and Irish eyes smile upon you! And, may St. Gertrude of Nivelles smile upon your cats! March 17 is the feast day for both saints. Celebrations are in order.

Have a wonderful weekend. Stay safe, warm, and healthy. I will see you very soon! 

1. When I am nervous, I  immediately evaluate my situation. I am not prone to feeling nervous. I meditate, listen to music, and write. These always help me stay on track. If I can take a brief timeout, I can maintain calm and inner peace.


2. When I am angry, I cry. I am always surprised, too. It really takes a lot to anger me. When I reach that point, it is inevitably an injustice against someone and I want to see it righted for them. I fight my own battles much more quietly.


3. Today, I know for sure that things happen for reasons throughout our lives. We do not have to know what the reasons are. We do need to learn from each experience, trust our instincts, and keep going. As Granny said, it usually comes out in the wash.


4. For St. Patrick’s Day, I always cook up a big pot of corned beef and cabbage. I also wear green. I have even been known to drink green tea.

KermieTeaWell, close enough!

~Beware of people that dislike cats.~
cutest-irish-saint-patricks-day-kitten-greetings-gifIrish proverb

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31 thoughts on “Friendly Fill-ins: Week 97

  1. How cool that there is a saint for kitty cats, too. 🙂
    I like corned beef and cabbage, too, though it is more an Americanized version of the Irish meal of bacon and cabbage (at least according to some things I’ve read). Whatever is the case, either version sounds fine to me! I’d be perfectly happy with just the cabbage. Our local store has had some recently that were over 10 pounds! The stork could leave a pretty big baby under those leaves. 🙂
    As usual, I enjoyed your kitty pics, most especially the Irish proverb kitty. So sweet!
    Have a blessed weekend.


  2. Sorry that Chloe Jo is still not feeling well…….sometimes finding the right dose of something takes a while….hopefully she will be feeling better EVERY day! We were so excited that you got TWO badges at Teaser class this week – that sure doesn’t happen often so concatulations. We love doing Teasers every week – total fun for us and we think everyone else too. You know me and you know that your #3 is how I feel too. It also ties into my feeling that worrying is a waste of time – everything happens for a reason AND everything happens as it’s supposed to even if the reason seems impossible to figure out. Here’s to a happy St. Patrick’s Day – that last little guy in the green hat looks like he’s on his way to having a good one!

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy Bean

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  3. I did not know there was a patron saint for cats. How cool! I’m sorry Chloe Jo is having such a hard time. Sending prayers and purrs for her. Great fill-ins this week! I am part Irish, but I don’t eat beef and am not a huge fan of cooked cabbage, so the traditional meal is out for me. Maybe I’ll just have a potato! I hope you have a great weekend! 🙂

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  4. Congratulations on being the first commenter and being the right guesser again. You’re brilliant.
    I’m sorry Chloe is in such pain. I can’t stand to see an animal suffer. I always wonder why animals suffer since they haven’t committed sins like us humans.

    Your answers are always interesting. It takes a lot to get me angry but I don’t cry, instead, I get a lot of work done as I seem to get a boost of energy for some reason. I try to use it in a positive way. It may be because I can’t stay idle.

    Happy St Patrick day.
    Hugs, Julia

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  5. Thank you for sharing those gorgeous stained glass images. And great answers! In retrospect, I’m usually at my angriest over someone else’s problems, too. I used to rant and rail when the neighbor’s punk of a boyfriend, married to someone else for financial ‘convenience’ (he claimed, and she bought it for a long time), would block her driveway. It seemed a blatant sign of a control freak. I’m happy to say she’s been married to a nice (if nosy and rather pushy) guy from her church for the last decade and they have a young daughter. I didn’t mean to ramble. Heh… Best wishes on everyone’s health. ~hugs~ Be well.

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  6. Hari OM
    Sending POTP for Chloe Jo.
    I rarely get nervous – when I do, I might shake a bit, but I just move one regardless
    I rarely get angry – can generally read situations so will circumvent before an eruption
    The only thing it is safe to be sure about is Love; abiding in that, other things become more certain
    I’ll be having colcannon, without the onions ( – no meat in this household! For the protein, I’ll be adding cheddar cheese and a boiled egg.
    YAM xx


  7. Sending special hugs to Chloe Jo, and sending hugs to you and yours for St. Patricks Day. My father’s side of my family was Irish – my maiden name is O’Keeffe so I will be having a wee celebration, methinks. 🍀


  8. I am sorry Chloe Jo is still having a tough time. I hope you can find a way to keep her comfortable.
    It must be nice having that kitten energy around and Clyde and Bee sound like sweeties. Great answers. I cry when angry too. I wish I didn’t get nervous as often as I do.I hope you have a wonderful St.. Patrick’s Day! XO

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  9. I saw your big win yesterday. First commenter and first to answer correctly. Congratulations.

    Love your answers. You write so very well.

    Hubby and I enjoy corned beef and cabbage year around. It’s just part of our diet and I’m so happy we can buy corned beef whenever we want. Somethings are seasonal.

    Have a fabulous day. Big hugs. ♥

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  11. Hi Annie, great post as always, and thanks for the reminder about St Gertrude as I’d forgotten that the day was almost upon us. I envy you your calm as I get very nervous a lot of the time. Thankfully when I’m in a work situation I’m able to channel my inner swan who appears calm on the surface despite what is going on underneath the water.
    Love the Irish saying and I definitely agree that we should beware of people who don’t like cats.
    Have a really lovely day.

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  12. Fantastic fill-ins, as always. Your answer to #3 is so inspiring, and this is a thought I always try to remember. Everything happens for a reason, even if we don’t know that reason.

    And we are sending our prayers to Chloe Jo. May St. Gertrude shine down on her! And may St. Patrick shine down on all of you tomorrow!

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  13. I did not know there was a patron saint for cats! I always learn new things here. 🙂 I so hope you will be able to help Chloe Jo with her pain soon, it hurts our hearts to see our furkids suffer.

    Time out is always a good way to get our thoughts and emotions back on track in times of stress or worry.

    I sometimes cry when I am very angry too, it is a response to total frustration. I agree with you that things happen for a reason, and to teach us. Why isn’t important, how we handle situations is. Bad times pass, we have to patiently work our way through them. That isn’t always easy.

    Enjoy your corned beef and cabbage on St. Patrick’s Day! I agree with that Irish proverb and the tiny kitten with the hat is adorable. Kittens are the best!
    Have a good weekend, and a fun time with Bill playing Saturday night! XO

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  15. I always learn something from your posts, in this case it was very interesting to read about St. Gertrude of Nivelles.
    Great answers, and the quote of your granny made me smile.
    Sorry to hear about Chloe Jo, I hope you find a way to keep her comfortable.
    Me and my cousin always go with the Irish proverb, and we agree that cat lovers are a really good communitiy 🙂
    Best wishes,


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  17. I cry when I am angry and that just makes me angrier…especially when happens while having an argument.
    Every year there is a big St Pat’s Day celebration down the street from where I live. Starts at 10 with a parade that passes my apartment which is fun to watch. In the village, there are bands and beer and a play park for kids. Because this is a college town this celebration is a huge party with thousands attending. I stay home.
    Have a happy day!

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  20. We LOVE your Friday Fillins. And celebrating St Patrick and St Gertrude. We were excited to see that not only you were one of the first at school on Tuesday at Two Spoiled Cats, but you were the first right guesser. And we have our purrayers going for Cloe Jo.
    Purrs and Love
    Marv and Mom


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