Sometimes, we are victims of our own behaviours and habits. We can become complacent with our daily lives and end up stuck in a rut. We have the same routine, with the same results. Yet, we muddle along.

Until, suddenly, something happens to alter our destiny. It is then that we are faced with the realization that what we are doing is not working well for us. As humans, an occasional epiphany is just what we need to face ourselves and our lives. It is then that we can make positive changes.

Spring is here, offering renewal. We can find hope in this season of fresh starts and new beginnings. Whatever you do, be good to You. Have a great weekend. See you soon!

17 thoughts on “Destiny

  1. What a great video short, and a wonderful and important message. As someone who commutes (via train) to work every day, I find it’s easy to get locked into the same schedule/routine!


  2. Annie, you just described my life…there is something comforting about a rut, however. I think part of it comes from eight cats who rely on us to care for them and do certain things on a schedule. I did, however, go out and do something different yesterday. It was fun. Love, hugs and prayers, Janet

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    • Only you can decide if your rut is healthy or not. If the rut is working for your good, then it may not be a problem. If a rut is unhealthy or not working, then changes may be needed. But, cats can adapt better than people give them credit for. As long as they have a safe shelter, food, love, healthcare…much like people, actually. ❤


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