The Wishing Cranes

As kids, we believe in magic. We are sure that, somehow, if we just do this or that, and believe in it, that our wishes will be granted.

As we age, we seem to lose that open, innocent faith that comes so easily to children. We become jaded. Perhaps that is why wishes are not granted as easily to adults. We have forgotten how to believe. Maybe, if we really try, we can remember that magical feeling.

May you have reasons to believe, and may your most heartfelt wishes come true. Believe.


12 thoughts on “The Wishing Cranes

  1. I will always and forever believe in magic……this is such a sweet story! I’m grateful for every second of magic I receive and truly wish that people were more able to tune into their ability to have magic in their own lives too if they just LOOK for it. I hope you have a good weekend and we all hope Chloe Jo gets MORE than her share of magic…….

    Love, Pam and Teddy

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  2. That was a delightful story. My daughter Jackie made and sold lots of origami cranes for Christmas tree decorations and I’m reminded of the wishes every time I hang my little cranes on the tree. I do believe in prayers. They are always answered but not in the way we expect.
    Hugs and prayers for you and Chloe.

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  3. We need to find things that restore our childlike belief that miracles come true, and that there is always reason to hope and believe. It’s there for the finding, every single day. We just have to see it, right?

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