Fill-in Statements: Week 99



Each Thursday, my sweet co-host, Ellen of 15andmeowing, and I provide Friendly Fill-In statements. On Friday, we post our answers with a link-up for you to join us with your own responses. We hope you will copy and answer these on your blog, but please remember to link up here. If you need help, please let us know. Even if you don’t need help, please say something, so I will know you were here. Thanks!

Week 99: March 30, 2018:

1. For Easter (or Passover), I                             .

2. My favorite Easter (or Passover) treat is                                 .

3. Lately, the song                    is stuck in my head.

4. The A-Z Blogging Challenge                          .

Easter Cat


8 thoughts on “Fill-in Statements: Week 99

  1. Going to pass on fill-ins this week. We don’t do Easter at all. We don’t do any holidays anymore. I’ve never done A to Z Challenge. I just don’t have any answers that are worth putting down.

    I hope you and Chloe Jo are feeling better. You’re both in my prayers. ♥

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  2. Hey Annie,

    You may wish to consider adding a list of your recent posts for folks to find what they want when they land on your homepage. In my side menu, I have the past two weeks showing. This will make it super easy for A2Zers who are running behind. It’s just a thought.

    I will answer the fill-ins here since I probably won’t be hanging in Blogosphere tomorrow since it’s DH’s off day. 😉

    1. For Easter (or Passover), I will make the traditional ham dinner with potato salad and green beans. For dessert none other than Pineapple Upside Down cake.
    2. My favorite Easter (or Passover) treat is candy coated Robin Eggs.
    3. Lately, the song Hello is stuck in my head.
    4. The A-Z Blogging Challenge is almost here and I’m more than ready for it to kick off!

    Have a good weekend!


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