A-Z: The Drought

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No one could remember when the last rain came. It doesn’t matter anymore.

First, the crops withered. The corn never developed. Then, the stalks shriveled and dried up, standing right there in the field.

Once the crops were gone, there was no feed, either. No one would buy the cattle. After they died, the horses did, too. The dogs all ran off, probably to find water, since the creeks all dried up.

That’s when the well went dry. Ma and Pa both passed away then. I think they just lost their will. I don’t know why I am still here.

~McGuffy Ann Morris

I wrote this 100-word story as an exercise. I drew on my personal experience of stories told to me by elders who farmed. I come from a strong lineage of farming. Consequently, I have tremendous respect for those who farm. They live their job. It affects their very existence. And, it does ours, too. This story is for them.


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42 thoughts on “A-Z: The Drought

  1. Such a sad short tale……I have always admired GREATLY those who dedicate their lives to keeping a farm because it is NOT an easy task – it’s 24/7 blood, sweat and tears….trials and tribulations and much sadness. Thank heavens there are people who see beyond that and continue to farm – where would we be without them?

    Hugs, Pam

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  2. Annie,

    I felt the drought’s effect as you described the scene. How desperate and devastating this is for a farmer. My grandparents did gardening because that’s just what old-timers did. If they didn’t they wouldn’t have food on the table. It was hard work. I have a lot of respect for anyone who does this for a living. I couldn’t do it. The best I can do is go to Walmart and get my produce off the shelf or freezer or bins. lol Deeply moving!

    A2Z iPad Art Sketch Through the Alphabet ‘D’

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  3. Hari OM
    Another soul-connection for us, Annie, as my family background until this generation was agricultural. Drought was never an issue in the Bonny Land – the opposite causes similar issues, however. Then, In OZ, I met people with stories just like this… YAM xx

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  4. Excellent short story that captures how bad a draught can get. Made me think of tales from the great depression, which is something that I hope doesn’t return.


  5. I live in central California and we have droughts all the time. Not last year and it doesn’t look like we’ll have one this year either, but they are awful. Your story, although and exercise, has been played out more than once. Very powerful post.

    Have a fabulous day, Annie. ♥

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  6. Such a sad story. But it is so beautifully written. I don’t know anything about farming other than what I see and read and I can’t imagine that hard life. They certainly have my utmost respect and I’m sorry I take them for granted too often.


  7. This is really haunting Annie, and in Australia there have been many droughts like these over the years and sadly suicide amongst farmers is a too often occurrence because of the loss of their livelihood. In Tasmania we didn’t have as severe droughts, but I can remember having to use the water we washed with to try and keep the plants in the garden alive.
    Have a good day, and looking forward to the rest of your words this month.

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  8. Beautiful … in a sad way. My father grew up on a farm … these days, farming is so complex and looks nothing like it did back then. Of all occupations, farmers are a cut above – they work until the job is done and they don’t get overtime!

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  9. So evocative, Annie. Farmers really are at the mercy of the elements. I used to work on my aunt and uncle’s farm as a child, and it really is more than just a job.

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