A-Z: Exist

Moments are imprinted within us,
become a part of us,
through the blood of each heartbeat,
each bead of sweat, each teardrop.
Memories fade into the eternal
abyss of time, while others are
archived forever in our hearts.
The soul mirrors what is within,
sustaining us through the
inescapable wasteland
of existence.

~McGuffy Ann Morris

This poem weighed heavily on me while it was forming.  When I write, it is always from my heart. However, it is often inspired by something external, taking time to form and reveal itself. This poem still makes me feel the rawness that I felt when I wrote it. I hope it moves you, too. Exist can be found in Weeds.


“My Writeful Heart”:
A= Acknowledgments
B= Believe
C= Camouflage
D= The Drought


34 thoughts on “A-Z: Exist

  1. Oh yes it speaks volumes to me. Sometimes at night before I go to sleep I “dig down deep” and pull up some of those moments to re-examine them and sometimes “re-learn” the lesson I got from the original experience. They are a part of us forever after all – the good, the bad, and the ugly…..made us who we are.

    Love and Hugs, Pam

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  2. This is so insightful as most of your writing is but the words that speak strongly to me today is, “The soul mirrors what is within. It sure does.
    Thanks for this.
    Hugs & Prayers, Julia

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  7. Annie, this poem really speaks to me. I have just read it three times, as it calls up so many memories in my life. Those archived in my heart are mostly of my beloved animals who I have been so fortunate to have as a part of my live, as well as special friends who no longer walk among us. Thanks for writing it. XOXO, Janet 💞

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