12 thoughts on “Last Shot

  1. I actually got an e-mail today, Annie, that you had posted. What a sweet video. Really put a smile on my face. Thank you. How are things with you and Chloe Jo? Will do some backwards reading to catch up. Sawyer had another really bad seizure on the 5th. First one in exactly one month. Will up meds if he has another soon. Sending lots of love, hugs and pryers, Janet

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  2. Annie,

    Good morning, my friend! DH has to work yet again today. Weekends are usually our time together but this is the first one he’s had to work in more than a year + so I’m not complaining, especially considering the alternative of no job. We’re blessed! This is a cute little film. I remember having a Polaroid camera when I was about 13. I loved that thing but it was totally not practical since my folks couldn’t afford the film cartridges except on rare occasions. The world of digital photography sure makes life easy and enjoyable. I’d be lost without this technology and I know many others would be, too. Thanks for the smiles!

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