A-Z: Impasse

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I hear the cry of the mourning dove,
calling my soul to rise above.
I reach for the spirit of the season before,
recalling the dreams held there in store.
All is forgotten, all is for naught.
Impasse is reached; refuge is sought.

~McGuffy Ann Morris

Sometimes no matter what we do, we cannot move forward. Yet, we cannot go back, no matter how we wish it. It is then that we seek refuge, in order to contemplate.


“My Writeful Heart”:
A= Acknowledgments
B= Believe
C= Camouflage
D= The Drought
E= Exist
F= Final Departure
G= The Guardian
H= The Horologist

22 thoughts on “A-Z: Impasse

  1. I get the picture, I sometimes try to remember some dreams so I can analyze them but because I didn’t pay close attention immediately while the dream was still fresh, I forget and all is for naught. When I wake up, the mourning doves are still sleeping or dreaming so they never disturb my sleep.lol.
    Hugs and Prayers, Julia

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