A-Z: Joseph

Joseph came to America as a young man and followed the family trade as a cabinetmaker.  He had worked hard all of his life and was proud of his life’s work.

Retired for many years, Joseph now finished a special piece. This was the first piece he ever kept for himself.

Putting away his tools, Joseph was pleased with the results of his craftsmanship. The pine coffer was finished just in time; he was ready for his final journey.

~McGuffy Ann Morris

This was written as an exercise in flash fiction. Joseph is another one of my character-people who needed his story told. I was happy to share him.


“My Writeful Heart”:
A= Acknowledgments
B= Believe
C= Camouflage
D= The Drought
E= Exist
F= Final Departure
G= The Guardian
H= The Horologist
I= Impasse


30 thoughts on “A-Z: Joseph

  1. Joseph knew the value of his work and didn’t expect that someone else would have to labor over making a coffin for him. He took care of details that he could take care himself. A good short story.
    Hugs, Julia

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