A-Z: The Loan



Jeff had a good thing but didn’t appreciate it. Bob saw a good thing and did.

Bob said, “Let me borrow twenty bucks to take her out on a date.”

Jeff replied, “She won’t go, but if she does keep the twenty bucks.”

He never had to repay the loan.

~McGuffy Ann Morris

This was the first piece of flash fiction that I ever wrote. Poetry has always been a labour of love. It is my agony and ecstasy. Fiction is something I just read…until blogging introduced me to prompts.

I know firsthand how prompts can get your creative energy going. Prompts are great tools. They can be used as exercises when in between pieces, or just as a break from your usual routine. I have several stories that were started but left unfinished. They will eventually become a story or poem.

The Loan was written for a weekly writing challenge. We were to write five lines inspired by a given word prompt. The word prompt behind this story was: awkward. This story came easily because it is true. I am the “she” in the story. The rest is history. In fact, it was the beginning of some great things!


“My Writeful Heart”:
A= Acknowledgments
B= Believe
C= Camouflage
D= The Drought
E= Exist
F= Final Departure
G= The Guardian
H= The Horologist
I= Impasse
J= Joseph
K= Knowing


32 thoughts on “A-Z: The Loan

  1. Loved the punchline to the story! And you are spot on about the prompts. They do challenge your grey cells to go to places your imagination has not gone before. Glad to have found your blog through AtoZ. Happy writing.

    L is for Lonely


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  3. That $20. dollars to take you out on a date sure was well worth the loan but it’s never too late to pay old debts, lol. A great story.
    Hugs, Julia


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