For the Love of Chloe Jo


Chloe Jo is having a rough time. Her last vet visit did not go well. The exam revealed some problems that needed immediate attention. She had to stay in the hospital for treatment and monitoring. One of her vet techs took this picture of her seeking refuge under the cage paper. Chemo has been increased. Thankfully, she is home, now.


Chloe Jo’s prognosis is very limited. If we can stabilize her, she may have up to two years. Our main concern is her quality of life. She deserves to be happy every day of her life. That is what we will be working on. It is all about her. It is all for the love of Chloe Jo. Always.

35 thoughts on “For the Love of Chloe Jo

  1. I truly love your little girl. As I have mentioned, there is something about her that has always reached out to me from her sweet profile pictures. You are going through what most of us have when it comes to quality of life. My baby girl Admiral stayed with me when perhaps the last weeks, she shouldn’t have been asked to. Seeing your girl taking refuge under the cage pair as I saw Admiral do the same…it just undoes one.

    Our hearts are so broken when we have no choice. Love you precious girl.

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  2. Poor, poor baby! I suspect that we understand what you’re going though. Also think it is fortunate that your doctor diagnosed Chloe Jo early enough for chemo… we we’re that fortunate with Mr. M.

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  3. Dear Annie, I’m so sorry about Chloe Jo having more health issues. Going through chemo is a risky business and as I’ve had chemo myself, I know it makes one feel sick and weak and out of sort. I hope that she will tolerate the increased chemo OK and prolong her life for another two years. You have a heart of gold. If I was a cat, I’d want to be your cat.
    Hugs, love & prayers.❤️

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    • Julia, our vet has said this in the past. We promise every animal that we rescue that we will do whatever they need. It is between Chloe Jo and God. But, they both trust me to make it happen. I will give it my all. Love does that. Love you!


  4. Annie, I know you and Bill will give her the best treatment you can and that you will love her and comfort her each and everyday. This is such a difficult and precarious situation for all of you. You know, you and she and Maggie and Clyde and Bill and all the furry family members are forever in my prayers. I love you all dearly, and with God’s love and grace, Chloe Jo will be with you for as long as possible. XO, Janet and the gang 🙏🏻💖

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  5. I totally understand how hard this is and that the focus is on Chloe Jo and her comfort. She knows love and love is a miracle in many ways – she has wonderful vet care and a comfortable home where she can rest and even on medication she feels SURROUNDED by love. That’s the best medicine of all. I sincerely hope that she has another two years at least with you – miracles happen ALL the time. I am one myself. I have been praying for you ALL but especially your furbabies who are dealing with health difficulties and I will continue to do that. I’m sending hugs….perhaps a small gesture in the scheme of things but heartfelt nonetheless.
    Love, Pam

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  6. It’s difficult to respond with tears in my eyes for this little one. I’m praying that she can be stabilized and enjoy the rest of her time being loved by you. Blessings to you at this time and prayers for strength. Love and hugs! 💕🌸😻


  7. Oh Annie, so sorry that Chloe Joe is having such a rough time, and of course you with seeing her go through this. I love the picture of her under the newspaper as it reminds me of when our little black cat Muffin Monster was at the vets for dialysis a few years ago – she used to hide as well. Sending lots of virtual hugs your way.


  8. It’s obvious that you have Chloe Jo’s best interests for a good quality of life as your highest priority.Hopefully she can be stabilized and continue to share her life & love with you. For me, the hardest time is when you’re trying to help them stay healthy but there’s only so much that can be done and you worry about them and have to make difficult decisions. We’re keeping you in our thoughts and sending purrs.


  9. We are purring and praying that you will have much more quality time with Chloe Jo, dear friends. Thank you for loving her, and for always doing what is best for her. We love you.


  10. It is so difficult with animals because they can’t TELL you how they are feeling, what they are wanting, etc. She looks to be comfy at home and I’m sure you’ll know when she is not responding. Hugs to you and prayers for her.


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