Stormie Weather!


We have had some storms this week! An bad storm set in last Saturday night, bringing us over three-inches of ice and snow. The precipitation came in waves, layering the snow and ice. The winds were wicked. It felt like January.

The storm also brought us a minion! The little one was abandoned by her mother in the storm. A woman in town has a cat house on her property This mother and baby were using it for the past few weeks. Sadly, as this storm took over, the baby was abandoned. The woman was given my number. After discussing the situation, I suggested waiting for the mother a bit longer, as it had only been a few hours. The baby seemed to be about three-four weeks old. It would be best for them to be reunited. When the mother came back, she recognized her baby and left quickly. Sadly, there was no question as to her role.

I picked the minion up and had her assessed by my vet team. Stormie is about four weeks old, now. She has wild and crazy hair and a personality to match. She has strong feral traits, which have served her well. We are in the process of weaning, after Stormie decided she had no use for a bottle. She has also learned the appeal of a litter pan and has perfected the fine art of digging. She’s got this.


Things happen for reasons. However, we don’t need to know why things happen to do the right thing. I do not question. I just try to be the change for positive, when needed. Stormie’s world is changing fast. I will do what I can to make it a good journey, now.

We will share Stormie’s story as we go along for the next few weeks. I believe she is spoken for already. Time will tell. So, buckle up…it’s going to be a Stormie Spring!




30 thoughts on “Stormie Weather!

  1. She is totally adorable and she sure is lucky you came into her life. We had a little one we saved a while back when his mother left him, also during a bad storm,he wasn’t old at all so the Dad bottle fed him day and night. He was a fighter and was screaming for someone to help him. We named him Rocky and he got a happy home when he grew a bit. Stormie now has the purrfect chance. Hugs from all of us.

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  2. What a precious, precious little one! My heart melts looking at her. I’m sorry her mom abandoned her, but am glad she found her way to you. Sending her lots of love and Light, with purrs from Nicki and Derry.

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  4. Stormie is totally adorable……she does have wild hair but it suits her – especially when combined with her “soulful” eyes for such a little one. Bless you for helping her start her life on a positive note – it could have been tragic without help.

    Love, Pam

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  5. What a cute kitten. I love the name Stormie. Good luck with her. In your house, there’s always room for one more.
    Hugs, Julia


  6. Oh, I can’t get over how adorable Stormie is! This is indeed yet another example of how everything happens for a reason. Stormie is so lucky to have you. Also, I just love her name.


  7. What a perfect name for this little one. Thank you, Annie, for taking Stormie in, and helping get her ready for the rest of her life.


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