Friendly Fill-ins: Week 102

We are happy you are here for another week of friendly sharing! As always, you can find the fill-ins here and at each Thursday. On Fridays, we post the link for sharing. Please link your post as directed. You can answer in the comments if you need to. Try to visit other blogs, if possible.

I hope this week finds you safe and sound. It has been a really crazy month for weather. We had two ice storms this week. The first one came over Sunday into Monday. It brought three inches of ice and snow. It also brought us Stormie.

I believe that things happen for reasons. I do not need to know why to do the right thing. God added her to my plate. He never gives me more than I can handle. We will make sure she gets what she needs, is loved, and given a good chance at life.

Chloe Jo has pretty good days and not-so-good days. Thank you to all who are praying for her. She has lost a lot of weight already; getting her to eat is a challenge. She is still Chloe Jo, in every other way. She loves life, just really hates medicine.

We are looking forward to the wonders of Spring and beyond. We wish you all the best, too. Have a wonderful weekend filled with love and joy.

Here are my completed fill-ins for this week:

1. New journals are bittersweet. I look forward to using them but am always afraid I will somehow ruin it. I do not rant or rave in my journals, but I do sort out feelings, situations, and events. I never want to put negative energy there. I want to make sure to only put truth there, but with purpose. I must always choose my words wisely. “By writing, I learn how to write”.

by writing you will learn how to write

2. I love to listen to music on the computer, while I write. My current vice is iHeartRadio. I have saved playlists for various moods. Most of my music is folk and folk-rock.


3. When I was a child, I loved to play Hopscotch. Growing up with the sidewalks of Chicago, this was a common game. I liked to make elaborate courts with coloured chalk. I would play it now, if there were someone to play with.


4. One kitten is more intense to raise, than a litter, believe. When there is more than one, they support each other. They entertain each other. They offer warmth and comfort to each other. They relate to each other. When there is a single kitten, it is so hard for them, especially the feral. Love leads the way, though. We just work harder.


May you have rhythm, but not blues!

Now, it’s your turn.
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20 thoughts on “Friendly Fill-ins: Week 102

  1. Hari OM
    NEW kittens ARE a joy to see
    I LOVE TO sit ON shorelines
    WHEN I WAS A CHILD I LOVED TO PLAY my favourite teevee characters…Kuryakin from Time Tunnel, Dr McCoy from Star Trek…
    ONE kitten was enough to make me smile… one cat has my POTP.
    YAM xx

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  2. We had a double post today – our fill-ins are at the END of our blog post but they are there! You know my Mom journals but not like most people do…..she journals her vacations and trips and visits to places but not her daily feelings. When she was having cancer treatment she did a journal about that journey but that got lost over the years which Mom says was a sign she needed to “let it all go” – and she has. We love your filling in today – My Mom loved hopscotch, jacks, paper dolls and so many things that seem to have vanished from life’s landscape. We send POTP for Chloe Jo and hugs to you!

    Love, Teddy


  3. Annie,
    I played hopscotch, too. I totally forgot about that. I guess it’s because I mostly played in the schoolyard since that was the only place with a nice concrete surface to draw the hopscotch grind on. We often drew one in the dirty, too. Thanks for taking me back in time. Thanks for hosting the Friday fun and have a good weekend!
    ~Curious as a Cathy
    A2Z iPad Art Sketch ‘R’ for Rocks


  4. Singleton kittens do not as easily learn the lessons on how to be a cat; it is especially by wrestling with each other that they learn biting hurts! It’s why i try, if i get a single kitten, to get another litter near the same age to raise it with. In fact, Mikey and Dansig were both singletons, and i raised them together.

    Music is on in the background most of the time here.

    Happy Friday!

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  5. I played Hopscotch when I was a kid too. I’m not sure I would remember how we played now though.
    When I’m on the computer, writing or reading I prefer silence and if possible, solitude.
    Hugs, Julia

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  6. I love all your answers. If we ever meet in person, we can play hopscotch. I have plenty of sidewalk chalk 🙂 Writing is an excellent wait to sort out feelings. I haven’t kept a journal in years, I should start one. Chloe Jo is in my prayers along with Maggie and Clyde. XO


  7. I used to play hopscotch, as a child. Wow, what a blast from the past. I listen to music when I write because it helps me focus on my writing rather than my surroundings. Sending hugs to you and yours.


  8. I love your fill-ins. I’ll play hopscotch with you. I loved that game as a kid too. I’ve never grown up either.

    Prayers continue for you, yours and Chloe Jo.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend, Annie. Big healing hugs. ♥


  9. I cannot even explain how much I relate to all of your answers here. I also always have this fear that I will ruin a new journal. I have to give myself a pep talk just to gather the courage to put ink on that first page. I also always have music playing on my computer while I write, while I blog, and even while I draw in my sketchbook. My favorite kind of music? Folk rock! And, my goodness, my sister and I used to play hopscotch so much. We had buckets of chalk, and we would draw all sorts of games in our driveway.

    You are so, so right on #4. Over the past four years, my family has reared two young litters of kittens, each with four kitties. These litters seemed pretty easy to raise, especially when compared to the single kitten that was brought to us. That little girl was as sweet and adorable as could be, but was also a very demanding little firecracker. All of these cats are still in the family, with either myself, my parents, or my sister.

    Many purrs, prayers, and happy thoughts to you, Chloe Jo, Stormie, and all of you!


  10. Enjoyed your fill-ins! I always say I’m going to keep a journal but just never quite get around to it! I like it quiet when I’m concentrating! I loved playing hopscotch when I was a kid! Now it’s Zumba! LOL! And there’s not anything that’s much cuter than a kitten! Still praying for Chloe Jo! Have a beautiful weekend, Annie! ❤


  11. I’m glad to hear Stormie and Chloe Jo are holding their own. Continuing purrs for both of them.
    The only appetite stimulating trick I know that many don’t think to try is fresh catnip. When my Smokey was very ill, her appetite was stimulated by fresh catnip. I’d even sprinkle a few tiny bits from a leaf on top of her food. Maybe it would perk up Chloe Jo’s appetite.

    The last image made me laugh. I might have to snag that one for a day when I need a chuckle.

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  13. I have a hard time starting a new journal, too, for fear of messing it up. I do have an anger journal, but haven’t written in it in years. It served its purpose for the traumatic time I was enduring. The emotions are still there, but I am more equipped to work through them now.

    I love to listen to music, but I can’t have music or a TV going if I am trying to write. I can’t focus or function like that. I guess I’ve developed ADD as as adult because this definitely wasn’t the case when I was a teenager.

    I loved hopscotch, too. If I tried it now, though, I’d brake my neck. haha

    Regarding your #4, it works that way with children, too. The more we had, the easier it was…well, except for the laundry. That was a mountain every day!

    Have a blessed Sunday!

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