Clyde Has a Minion

Clyde is the very best brother that any kit could have. Stormie knows this to be true. By choice, these two have bonded very closely.
Stormie is feral. Her emotions are all very close to the surface. Clyde is teaching her how to share and play nicely. She is learning patience, too.
Stormie is becoming secure in most things, slowly but surely. She likes to sleep in the old cardboard hide-out. She loves to play in the red tent. 
They were discussing this when Clyde decided to calmly get into the tent and just sit down.
Stormie trusts Clyde totally. She loves him.  But, when he got in her red tent, she had a minor hissy fit. Patiently, Clyde let her know that did not work. He sat there and hummed.
They have worked things out quite well. Clyde is truly amazing. Stormie responds to his lessons. Maybe it is his humming that is calming to her. Clyde hums. All the time. 

27 thoughts on “Clyde Has a Minion

  1. Annie, this is so precious…from minion himself to minion teacher. It’s amazing how big Clyde looks next to itty bitty Stormie. They make me think of Cooper and sawyer. We got back last night, and I will try to catch up during the next few days. How’s Chloe Jo doing? Sending lots of love, prayers and hugs, Janet

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    • That is so true. He is such a strong force, in all things. I was worried that he would not be good with her. I need not have worried. He is a blessing. Clyde is unique. hugs! I hope Rave is doing well. Chloe Jo is not.


  2. Clyde is such a special guy…..taking Stormie under his wing and showing her the ropes – as was once done for HIM when he joined the pack there! Stormie is so tiny and adorable and Clyde is still a baby himself but being a patient teacher. He truly is a most special fellow. Have wondered how he is doing but he looks happy to have a little one to care for. So sorry Chloe Jo is not doing well. I know it’s hard to see her like this…..I pray for her every day.

    Love, Pam and Teddy too


  3. Hari OM
    This reminds me of how my Jasper cat took on the not so little puppy called Jade and taught her manners! Such cats are super special. Stormie has been blessed. Continuing POTP for you all…but extra dollop for Chloe Jo. YAM xx


  4. He’s a good teacher. She will clam down and do his bidding in the end. They are both doing good for the other. Too adorable.

    Have a purrfect day you two. Big healing hugs to your mom and little Chloe Jo. ♥


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