God Only Knows

Hearing this new song by the seasoned John Prine left me in tears. This is a song about oneself and to others, all the while managing to be a prayer to God. For me, it speaks of trying to do what is right and expected of me, but still being very human. I do walk the talk, though I admit that I stumble along the way. Those who love me forgive me, especially God. Because God only knows…I try, with every step. Peace.


10 thoughts on “God Only Knows

  1. We saw John Prine this weekend. This is one of his new songs. His music is very down to earth and relatable. I think this shows it. We are all human and can only try. God knows and understands. ❤️


  2. It a big, big world and we can only try our best, and yes, God only knows.
    Have a great weekend. My prayers and thoughts are with you and your sick fur babies.
    Hugs, Julia


  3. What a wonderful song. The beauty of God’s love is that he extends His mercy to us, His children, because He knows we cannot achieve perfection in this life. All He expects is that we do our best to live His commandments and repent when we fall short. Peace and love on this lovely Sunday afternoon! 💖

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