Remember your friends from childhood? There were the toys and there were the real-life friends. Both were important. I remember how Raggedy Ann and Lamb Chop did everything with me. Lamb Chop sat by me all day while I learned to tie my new plaid sneakers. I was three years old.

I hope you get out and play this weekend. Do it with someone that you love. Make memories. And, remember to play nice! See you soon.

12 thoughts on “Playmates

  1. So sweet………and a darling reminder that friends are forever…..they may pass in and out of our lives as many things do but REAL friends truly are always there. This reminds me of one of my favorite stories – “The Velveteen Rabbit”…………..

    Love, Pam

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  2. My best friend as a small child was a Winnie the Pooh stuffie. We did everything together. 🙂 Even as an adult, seeing Winnie warms my heart.


  3. When I was at my reunion I was talking to my friend from grammar school about this doll that we each had and played with constantly. The doll’s name was Tammy, and we called each other Tammy as well. That sounds like it might be confusing, but as we were both named Janet, it didn’t seem so to us. Good memories. Love, prayers and hugs, Janet


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