24 thoughts on “Babysitter Bee

  1. That is definitely an awww on Monday. That is how Cooper has always been with Sawyer. It is important to have an older sibling to teach one the ways of the world. Love, hugs and prayers for all, Janet

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  2. I love it when the mentor the young. It’s ever so important. So adorable the both of them. Two huge Aww’s.

    Have a purrfect Awww Monday. Big healing hugs all around. ♥


  3. It’s great that Stormie has (temporary) “siblings” to teach her proper kitty behaviour and limits. It will serve her well at adoption time!

    P,S. So…I had to create a WordPress account to comment, and now every time I want to do so I have to click the WordPress icon, enter my email, get the login link via email, click it, *then* post a comment. I don’t understand why WordPress has to make this so complicated, but I have to admit I rarely leave a comment here now because of it. :-/


  4. Yay for Bee! She’s just a little kid too so I’m sure she’s enjoying having a baby sister to teach and play with. Has to be extra nice for little Stormie to have a BIG sis too!

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy


  5. So fun to see her sharing the love you’ve provided and being such a good big ‘sis’. I enjoyed your reflections over the challenge. Congratulations! Oh, and I can’t believe I forgot to link with the sparks. Oops. I was busy indulging in another read of the earliest stories in my series and getting some chores done. Be well!


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