Friendly Fill-ins: Week 93

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I am taking everyone in one-by-one or two-by-two in for annual visits. So far, so good. Nothing new. George had his shots this week. Precautions were taken, so he had no reactions and sleep it all off. He is very sensitive. Next week, Grizelda and Chloe Jo will go for their annual shots. Chloe Jo will have her usual (frequent) evaluation, too.

I am happy to say that I was a First Commenter and First Right Guesser over at the Tuesday Teaser! A few weeks ago, I knew one, but held back my guess. When I later found out I was right, I regretted not guessing. This time, I quickly blurted it out, and thought maybe I should have waited. But, I was right, and first! So, trust your instinct! Thank you, Angel Sammy, Teddy, and your wonderful Mom, Pam. I have added the coveted badges to my Page.

After nine straight days of measurable snow, we finally have had a break. This week actually got in the 40s two days. We had a big meltdown and fog! But, there is still a month of Winter. It all comes out in the wash, as Granny used to say.

We are still considering our link-up options. If you have questions, ideas, or concerns, please let us know. We no longer have JavaScript, but that won’t stop us!

I look forward to everyone’s fill-in responses. These were fun! Have a wonderful weekend. Stay safe, warm, and healthy. I will see you soon!

1. My Chinese zodiac animal is the Pig. I actually studied Chinese Astrology many years ago. A very close friend was Japanese. I learned everything I could and shared it with family and friends. I still have a couple of very old books about it. Here are Pig facts, for those who are or love a Pig. Please remember, this is just for fun!

In the Japanese and Tibetan zodiac, the Pig is known as the Boar. It is the last of the twelve signs. Legend has it that when Buddha was preparing to leave the Earth, he called to order a great meeting. The Pig was the last one in attendance. Not as fast as other animals, he was deemed slow and lazy.

There are five elements in Chinese astrology: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. The most natural element for the Pig is water, commonly associated with emotions and intuition.

The artistic Pig strives for a life of beauty. She is governed by intelligence and centered by philosophy. These traits make The Pig a calm force and natural leader. She is also a romantic soul, known for her sensitivity and compassion. She is known as self-sacrificing and obliging, prudent and sensible. But, she can also be insecure, precise, even meticulous, finicky, and sometimes can be a bit naive.

Pigs do best with the other two signs of the 4th Trine of Chinese astrology. These signs are the Rabbit and the Goat. They are similar in traits and temperament.


2. My zodiac sign is Gemini, in western astrology. Born May 26th, I am the May twin. It is said that The Twins are mirror opposite. That has certainly been my experience.


3. Income tax season is over at our house. We have had the same accountant for over twenty years. Unfortunately, he is now semi-retired. I fear losing him to his full retirement. When that happens, we do plan to see someone who was trained by and worked for him.


4. In hindsight, I wish I had believed in myself and trusted my own intuition more than I did. Many times in my life, I went with what was right for others, out of loyalty. That loyalty was not ever returned. Ultimately, that was a very painful lesson. However, I do believe in karma.



~May Maneki-Neko bring you both happiness & fortune!~

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Fill-in Statements: Week 93


Each Thursday, my sweet co-host, Ellen of 15andmeowing, and I provide Friendly Fill-In statements. On Friday, we post our answers with a link-up for you to join us with your own responses. We hope you will copy and answer these on your blog, but please remember to link up here. If you need help, please let us know. And, if you don’t need help, just say, “Hey there” so I will know you were here.

Week 93: February 16, 2018

1. My Chinese zodiac animal is                     .

2. My zodiac sign is                   .

3. Income tax season                   .

4. In hindsight,                         .



Kenzie Blue

You can teach an old dog new tricks. In two years, Kenzie has come a long way with us. She used to be afraid of anyone who got too close to her. Physically, she would freeze in place. But, she kept her distance emotionally, too. Kenzie seemed to always expect the worst.

With consistent rules, routine, healthy diet and treat program, we all wore her down. Of course, at the root of all of this is love. Gradually, Kenzie caught onto this. She learned that Stella is her BFF, sister, and her anchor. Of course, Stella is the reluctant alpha-dog. Yet, she showed Kenzie the ropes, as well as the finer things in life.

Kenzie learned that good manners will get you healthy treats. She learned how to sit still, and how to shake hands (“Friends?”). She learned the wonders of freedom in a huge fenced yard, too. And, that squirrels are very fast. Kenzie learned about being a family dog.

Kenzie learned about comfy beds, and that they can be shared with cats. Who knew? She also found out that cats are actually pretty cool. Choe Jo taught Kenzie how to cuddle.  She learned how to accept love.

It took Kenzie quite awhile to realize that this is a permanent arrangement. Once she realized that we are all safe and that she is safe with us, she developed separation anxiety. She could not bear the thought of Stella being away from her. She was terrified if we left home without her. Her panic was obvious. That was when Kenzie started carrying our socks around. She would steal them, put them in her bed, and sleep with them. She still does. But, it’s okay, because she feels better when she has our socks.

At eleven years old, Kenzie is right where she is meant to be. She is safe, loved, spoiled, and happy. She has several cat siblings who hang around her. She loves to run and gets the zoomies at least once a day. Her Sheltie sister, Stella, helps her run them off. When the zoomies are all depleted, there are nice comfy beds to relax in. She is happy,  secure, and she is Home. 

Life is good. Right, Kenzie? Happy, happy, happy. We plan on keeping it that way, too. 

 ~Happy 11th Birthday, Kenzie Blue~
We love you very much!


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Everyone has the same basic human needs. We all want food, shelter, clothing, etc. We all want to be loved, and to have someone that we can love. We want to be accepted for who we are. In these basic things, we are the same.

We are born with a genetic code. Then, heredity and environment join to shape us. From that, we develop our own personality. We express ourselves in unique ways. These are the things that make us different. From childhood, we seek to find someone who totally, completely “gets” us. When we do find someone who accepts us just as we are, it is a wonderful thing. When we find someone who is like us and can celebrate that which makes us “different”, it is truly special!

May you always be accepted and loved for who you are, and may you appreciate those who do. Celebrate that connection together. It is a blessing.

Have a wonderful weekend doing what you love with those you love. See you soon!

Friendly Fill-ins: Week 92

We are happy you are here for another week of friendly sharing! As always, you can find the fill-ins here and at each Thursday. On Fridays, we post the link for sharing. Please link your post as directed. You can answer in the comments, if you need to. Remember to visit other blogs. It takes a while, but there is no rush. It is very much worthwhile.

As you read this, I am probably out shoveling snow. If I don’t, who will? We are in a snow storm. Eh, I’m good. This is my element. Cold hands, warm heart. The whole cold, hard truth. It’s just Winter. Give me the North Woods, any season. So, I am out clearing snow. I am digging out a spot for Stella and Kenzie to graze upon. I am also clearing the driveway for Bill. We’ve got this.

Bee made the LOL Home Page. We have several out there, with various cats. But, this was Bee’s first time to share. Here she is, in here Winter hibernation mode. Of course, our current cats have no idea as to the harsh reality of Winter. Nor will they ever know. This is not true of many of our past cats, who had been stray and/or feral. There were many.


Kenzie is eleven today. She does show her age a bit, but she has come a long way. Watch for her post on Sunday, as we celebrate her senior happiness. At her current age, she wears her blue hair well.

Please check out Sparks on Monday. There are some really great vibes there. The positive energy is rejuvenating. The sharing is comfortable and supportive. To those who participate: thank you. Go forth and shine, shine, shine. But, even if you don’t want to add Sparks, come read the posts. You will be so glad that you did. I go back all week just to soak up the goodness.

Have a wonderful weekend. Stay safe and warm. Always, be good to You. See you soon!

Here are my completed fill-ins for this week:

1. The Winter Olympics have always been my favourites. You probably are not surprised. I especially enjoy the ice skating, ice dancing, luge, and bobsledding. The US Bobsled teams have benefitted greatly from the research and development programs of former NASCAR driver Geoff Bodine. After leaving auto racing, Geoff went full throttle into his other love: bobsleds. He is well respected worldwide in this arena.


2. I think the most romantic movie and book is The Gift of the Magi, by O. Henry (1905). It is usually considered to be a short story or novella, but, that is unimportant. The story is beautiful. Young newlyweds secretly sell their most prized possession to be able to afford a special gift for their new spouse. The best movie based on this story is called, The Gift of Love (1978). It starred Marie Osmond. This simple story beautifully illustrates what real love does.


3. Recently, I had an odd experience when I was just waking up one early morning.

It was this past Tuesday, about 5:45 AM. Just as I was looking at the clock, the doorbell rang. The dogs heard it, too. They ran to me, looking very puzzled. I thought this was quite odd, and was just as puzzled, too. The doorbell chimed, but it sounded diminished.

I grabbed my robe as I put on my slippers. We all headed to answer the door, as the cats ran amok. Stella and Kenzie did not utter a sound. I was thinking maybe Bill had come home due to a schedule or load change. Things happen in trucking, especially during bad weather. Yet, I still felt apprehensive.

I slowly opened the front door. And, no one was there. The freshly fallen snow was untouched on the porch, the steps, and the yard. There were not even any tracks on the snow-covered road. Not even the plow had been by, yet. No one had been by; no one had been there. Yet, the doorbell had chimed. Stella and Kenzie were my witnesses.

I know I had heard the doorbell. The dogs had heard the doorbell, and had run to alert me. The cats reacted as they always do. Some hide, some are greeters. What do you make of this chilling tale? It is true and truly creepy. Don’t you agree?

Shh - final

4. I believe that love does not conquer all. However, I believe that it can give us the strength to withstand what we need to. And, I believe that if we weave that love into these situations we can make everything a little bit better, if not easier.


~Make time for some Winter fun!~
Cats playing

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Fill-in Statements: Week 92


Each Thursday, my co-host, Ellen of 15andmeowing, and I provide Friendly Fill-In statements. On Friday, we post our answers with a link-up for you to join us with your own responses. We hope you will copy and answer these on your own blog, but remember to link up here. If you need help, please let us know.

Week 92: February 9, 2018

1. The Winter Olympics                         .

2. I think the most romantic movie (or book) is                         .

3. Recently, I had an odd experience when                           .

4. I believe that love                          .