My Saturday Matinee

I have gotten into the habit of posting a little video each Saturday. It reminds me of the traditional Saturday Matinee when I was a child. Each Saturday, the theatres showed an early viewing for families with kids. I am sure some of you remember this special event.

With that in mind, I have kept up my own Saturday Matinee, so as to leave something fun or meaningful (or both) while I am away from my computer. Saturdays are for family errands and chores. On Saturday nights, Bill often plays music. Sundays are for going to Mass, spending time together, and getting Bill ready for the Road.

Most of you know I am a serious Monthy Python fan. I am also a devoted Muppet fan. The two, together, is pure fun! But, this video also has a message. The best-laid plans do not always come together. Sometimes our plans are altered by others’, or by circumstances beyond our control. No matter how we try to fix them, things may just not come together as we planned it.

However, usually, it all still comes out fine! Sometimes, those other factors make things even more special, more fun, or somehow, even better than what we imagined. And, if not, it usually works out, anyway…just as it is meant to.

Make it a great weekend! See you soon!

A-Z: The Loan



Jeff had a good thing but didn’t appreciate it. Bob saw a good thing and did.

Bob said, “Let me borrow twenty bucks to take her out on a date.”

Jeff replied, “She won’t go, but if she does keep the twenty bucks.”

He never had to repay the loan.

~McGuffy Ann Morris

This was the first piece of flash fiction that I ever wrote. Poetry has always been a labour of love. It is my agony and ecstasy. Fiction is something I just read…until blogging introduced me to prompts.

I know firsthand how prompts can get your creative energy going. Prompts are great tools. They can be used as exercises when in between pieces, or just as a break from your usual routine. I have several stories that were started but left unfinished. They will eventually become a story or poem.

The Loan was written for a weekly writing challenge. We were to write five lines inspired by a given word prompt. The word prompt behind this story was: awkward. This story came easily because it is true. I am the “she” in the story. The rest is history. In fact, it was the beginning of some great things!


“My Writeful Heart”:
A= Acknowledgments
B= Believe
C= Camouflage
D= The Drought
E= Exist
F= Final Departure
G= The Guardian
H= The Horologist
I= Impasse
J= Joseph
K= Knowing


First Date

Most of us can remember first dates. This scenario can apply to many kinds of new relationships, really. There is always the planning and trying to put our best self forward. We want to be thought of in a special, positive way. We too often try to be perfect. But, of course, we aren’t.

Thank goodness. Because, our date, and friends, are not ever perfect, either. Eventually, it all comes out. The imperfections and shortcomings are pretty universal. When those glorious imperfections are all revealed, they often show us in a unique light. Sometimes it is those little imperfections that actually make us special. That is when magic happens.


Friendly Fill-ins: Week 99

We are happy you are here for another week of friendly sharing! As always, you can find the fill-ins here and at each Thursday. On Fridays, we post the link for sharing. Please link your post as directed. You can answer in the comments if you need to. Try to visit other blogs, if possible.

The last couple of weeks have been pretty rough. Chloe Jo is struggling with this latest set of issues. She lost a considerable amount of weight because she did not want to eat. We seem to have finally got her going on some foods that the vet has recommended. Chloe Jo has always been a good eater. So, for her not to eat, that is a serious red flag. She has a follow-up appointment in a few days. Thank you for all of your prayers for her, and those for me, too.

Whether you are participating in the A-Z Blogging Challenge or just reading it in your Feed, may you enjoy it! Those who do it put a lot of work into it. It is fun to see what others share each day. You can always learn something new, be inspired, and find out more about each blogger.

Happy Easter to those who celebrate. Alleluia. This is the most important Christian holiday, fulfilling Biblical prophecies. We also wish a Pesach Sameach (Happy Passover) to those who observe this very important Jewish holiday.

Have a wonderful weekend. Stay safe, happy, and healthy.

Here are my completed fill-ins:

1. For Easter, I like to go to the very earliest Mass. I love the story of Mary finding the tomb empty. I can only imagine how she felt to witness that miracle. It is still very exciting. This painting is a favourite of mine. It looks like Chloe Jo; waiting.

easter_cat_empty_tomb_                                                                                                                      Lisa R. Adams

2. My favorite Easter treat is watching Godspell. This is my favourite musical and has been since it first played in 1970. Based on the Gospel of Matthew, the original musical was produced to bring the Message of Christ to contemporary society. To make it relevant, they presented the story of Christ in a way that youth could relate to. For those reasons, I think God approved. Later versions are not as pure or as true as the original.

3. Lately, the song “Day by Day” is stuck in my head. As humans, we seek meaning and purpose in life. We find it when we seek God with a true heart of hope and faith.

der god

4. The A-Z Blogging Challenge starts on Sunday, April 1st. It is most definitely a challenge. I am always humbled and impressed at the creative ways others present their A-Z list. I am always pleased to be able to complete it!


~Make time to enjoy the new Spring flowers!~

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The Wishing Cranes

As kids, we believe in magic. We are sure that, somehow, if we just do this or that, and believe in it, that our wishes will be granted.

As we age, we seem to lose that open, innocent faith that comes so easily to children. We become jaded. Perhaps that is why wishes are not granted as easily to adults. We have forgotten how to believe. Maybe, if we really try, we can remember that magical feeling.

May you have reasons to believe, and may your most heartfelt wishes come true. Believe.


Fill-in Statements: Week 98


Each Thursday, my sweet co-host, Ellen of 15andmeowing, and I provide Friendly Fill-In statements. On Friday, we post our answers with a link-up for you to join us with your own responses. We hope you will copy and answer these on your blog, but please remember to link up here. If you need help, please let us know. Even if you don’t need help, just say hello, so I will know you were here. Make it a great day!

Week 98: March 23, 2018

1. I am the __________________ in my family.

2. I have ______________ siblings.

3. I am looking forward to                          this Spring.

4. The first sign of Spring this year was                         .




A to Z Theme Reveal: 2018


This is my third year to participate in the A to Z Blogging Challenge. Whether they have taken this challenge or not, most bloggers know what it is all about. Every day, with the exception of some Sundays, during the month of April, the challenge is to publish a blog post for the letter of the day. So, April 1st, I will again be taking up that challenge, too.

Today, we officially begin our frenzied mission with our “Theme Reveal”. Many bloggers choose the have no set theme, preferring to just go with the flow. However, most seem to choose a theme to keep them channeled. That is part of the beauty of blogging, doing it your own way.

Two years ago, I chose poetry as my theme. April is National Poetry Month. I shared some of my favourite poems. Some poems were well known, while others were not. I chose poetry by well-known poets, as well as by poets who were not very well known. Some of the poems were written by myself.

Last year, I shared a Soundtrack of Lifeblood Songs. These were songs that had lyrics that are meaningful to me. Some of these songs went back to my childhood, while others were newer, yet still powerful to me. As a writer, words are important to me.

May 2017, Bill answered my list of songs with his own soundtrack. He chose songs that had special musical compositions. As a guitarist, he speaks through music. After he critiqued my list, I challenged him to create his own. He did. That may have been a first for the A-Z Challenge: Non-blogger blogs A-Z Challenge Rebuttal. He had fun!

I have contemplated my theme for the past year. I knew what it would be, having decided last April. But, each post has been an ongoing evolving plan. And, it may very well continue to evolve.

My 2018 A to Z Blogging Challenge Theme Reveal is… “My Writeful Heart”. This April, I will share things that I have written. I will share musings, poetry, and stories. Some pieces will be older, some will be new. Some of these have been shared before, some have never been seen. I hope whether you have read them or not, you will still enjoy what I share. I always share my heart and soul. After all, the message and motto of my blog is: Live. Laugh. Love. Share.