Acts of Kindness


Today is Random Acts of Kindness Day. I know I like to do things for others, so this celebration of kindness speaks to my heart. I especially like to do things anonymously, when possible.

It is easy to find kind things to do, too. Quite often, the ordinary acts are the most needed. I can pick up trash and put it into the proper receptacle. I figure that someone needs to, and it benefits everyone. I will take a neighbor’s trash can in from the curb, when I take my own in. I often hold the door at the post office, because it is a nice thing to do. These actions have become so ordinary to me, but they make people smile. That is my reward.

There is such a need for kindness. It costs nothing, and the opportunities are endless. See what you can do to make the world a little bit kinder and gentler. And, don’t be surprised when you feel better, too.




Clyde at 9 weeks

Clyde lives life to the fullest. He has always been this way. In his short six months so far, he has been an inspiration. Through every health challenge he has experienced, Clyde just bucks up and powers through it. He never complains about treatment, medication, or pain. He will always have health issues, as his heart works hard to keep up with his spirit. Clyde continues to meet every challenge with enthusiasm and verve. Whether he is playing or resting, Clyde is all in. I think we can learn from Clyde and his pure zest for Life…no matter what it brings to us!

Clyde at six months

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Tomorrow holds feelings
that yesterday dreamt of.
I can only think what I feel.
Melancholy streams
from yesterday into tomorrow.
Now, the sun sets
on my moon’s horizon,
promising that I will
understand tomorrow
what holds me today.

Poem & Image: McGuffy Ann Morris

As we bid farewell to a fatigued 2017,
we celebrate the hope that 2018 brings!
Happy New Year!