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I hear the cry of the mourning dove,
calling my soul to rise above.
I reach for the spirit of the season before,
recalling the dreams held there in store.
All is forgotten, all is for naught.
Impasse is reached; refuge is sought.

~McGuffy Ann Morris

Sometimes no matter what we do, we cannot move forward. Yet, we cannot go back, no matter how we wish it. It is then that we seek refuge, in order to contemplate.


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Every living thing needs some kind of sustenance to survive. We seek that which fulfills us, but truth be known, real needs are few. There are several schools of thought on this, as man has sought to understand the world at large and his place in it.

One thing is certain. Kindness is believed to be a basic need. Studies have shown the many positive effects of kindness on all living things. However, it goes even deeper than that. When we give kindness to others, we also receive the benefits. Kindness can do powerful things. And, it is really good karma. Namasté.

Seasons of Life

I am thankful to live in the Great Lakes, which is blessed to experience all four seasons. In fact, this area of the country really does it well. Mother Nature smiled on this area. She has her hand in every season here. I am happy to share each season, too.
I love Autumn’s cool, coloured confidence. She knows her value. But, this year, as Autumn settled in, I was disappointed that the leaves were not as vibrant. While many had fallen, some clung to tired trees. I can relate. There are times when it is easy to let go, because it feels right. Sometimes we hold on, reluctant to let go, because things feel incomplete. I am thankful for knowing it is okay to linger when I need to…and to let go when I know it is necessary. Autumn makes that clear.
Winter is coming. I am ready for the cold, the hunkering down, and the planning. Winter is a state of waiting for what comes next. I actually enjoy the quiet and even the darkness. I can hear myself think, without distraction. I can plan for when the sun shines. And, I will appreciate it all the more. Winter offers necessary solitude. I can appreciate that life needs Winter.
Suddenly, it will be Spring. She will sneak up on Winter. They will argue, but Spring will win. In all of her colourful glory, she will make promises. I will partner with her and begin to see her intent to keep each promise. I will also see how my plans will fit right into hers. Yes, Spring will be my friend, too. Spring brings hope. I am eternally grateful for hope.
With such ease, Spring always makes way for Summer. They never argue. One blends into the other. They even dance in both the sunshine and the rain. While Spring is full of hope, Summer encourages one to take it easy, slow down, relax. She illustrates it with the growing gardens and the lazy breezes. I do appreciate her philosophy and her splendor.
And, then we come full circle. Summer eventually tires, wearing herself out, perhaps. She gives way to Autumn, allowing her to display the full array of accomplishments accumulated by the year of seasons. I am eternally grateful to witness each season in their glory, and I am humbled by the life lessons shared with me.

Day Seventeen of my Giving Thanks series.


A narrow path cuts through the bog;
it drifts along currents, into the fog.
Sunshine and moonlight have shown the way;
now autumn’s mist fades into grey.
Nature keeps secrets only dreams can feel;
light or shadow, illusion or real.
Soon the bog will drift into sleep.
Nature will have more secrets to keep.

~Poem & Image by McGuffy Ann Morris


Troubles may seem many, blessings may seem few;
to see beyond the obvious is sometimes hard to do.
But, stop and see the forest in each and every tree. 
Precious blessings abound when you look and really see. 

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Please Please the Bees

Written and Illustrated by Gerald Kelley
Benedict is living a very sweet life. Of course, he is a bear, so his needs are pretty straightforward. The best part of his day is when the bees deliver honey to his door each morning. Gerald loves honey!  
Honey is a big part of Gerald’s day. He uses it on his toast, he uses it to sweeten his baking. Gerald puts it in his bedtime tea. That is, until the day when there is no honey.
Suddenly, the bees in the yard all go on strike! Benedict tries to go on without honey, but his life is not the same. Without honey, life is not as sweet. He becomes very sad. That is when a bee comes to Benedict for a heart-to-heart talk.
It seemed the bees in Benedict’s yard feel they are taken for granted. They have done their part to take care of Benedict, but they realized he was doing nothing in return for them. They could not go on the way things were.
From the bees, Benedict learns what he needs to do to help the bees stay healthy and happy. He learns that bees need certain conditions to make the honey that he loves. Benedict also learns what he can do to help the bees.
So, Benedict goes to work to make his yard a healthy, happy place for the bees. He educates himself on the best flowers for bees. He gets the seeds and plants them, waters them. He even keeps the garden weeded. Benedict also learns about honey and how to harvest it.
When the bees see the hard work, Benedict has done to repay them, they are happy, again. The strike is over! The bees immediately go back to work. Life is sweet for everyone, now.
This is a sweet book! The message is simple and clear. From the great bear to the tiny honeybee to the flowers, we all share this world. If we take care of nature, it will take care of us. I highly recommend this positive book to teach this simple truth to kids. Share it with the children in your life. Everyone will benefit from that, too.