A-Z: The Drought

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No one could remember when the last rain came. It doesn’t matter anymore.

First, the crops withered. The corn never developed. Then, the stalks shriveled and dried up, standing right there in the field.

Once the crops were gone, there was no feed, either. No one would buy the cattle. After they died, the horses did, too. The dogs all ran off, probably to find water, since the creeks all dried up.

That’s when the well went dry. Ma and Pa both passed away then. I think they just lost their will. I don’t know why I am still here.

~McGuffy Ann Morris

I wrote this 100-word story as an exercise. I drew on my personal experience of stories told to me by elders who farmed. I come from a strong lineage of farming. Consequently, I have tremendous respect for those who farm. They live their job. It affects their very existence. And, it does ours, too. This story is for them.


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Old Junior was likable, funny, and well known. Uneducated and alone, he always worked as a jack-of-all-trades, master of none.

But, life is all about choices and Junior obviously chose happiness. With a wink, he often declared, “Cheer up, it could be worse. I cheered up and look at me!”

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For Jessie


It had been a long hard road just to get here together. Jessie had been so ill, and so afraid, for so very long. After all their years together, she alone was now settled into a nursing home.

But, he knew just what to say; he knew what she needed to hear. This marriage vow renewal was the very best medicine.

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Ruth had spent all weekend putting away her holiday decorations. Now empty, the house had been filled with friends, family, food, and love.

Now tired and hungry, Ruth was grateful for holiday leftovers. While she ate, Ruth reflected on her very favourite leftovers. Memories; because they offer comfort, never expire, and can be increased.

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The Regift

Tom sat silently, watching Mary put small bits of paper into a beautiful Christmas box. When finished wrapping the box, she was satisfied that it was filled with so many scribbled scraps. On each paper scrap was a Christmas memory that Tom and Mary had shared.

These priceless memories were meaningful to both Mary and Tom. As Tom’s memory faded into illness, these paper scraps would help her give Christmas back to him. 

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