Animal Rescue Blessings

One of my greatest blessings has been to participate in animal rescue. This goes back to my childhood. We first rescued a guinea pig, who was being relegated to perdition. Following her, throughout my life, there have been various raccoons, opossums, rabbits, rodents, birds, numerous reptiles and amphibians, fish, a skunk, a monkey, and naturally, cats and dogs. I have been blessed.
One of these wonderful blessings was a litter born on Thanksgiving, November 25,  2010. These kittens were rejected by their very young and very ill homeless mother. Her rescuer was not able to care for their needs and her, too. That is when they came to me.
This litter of four were the most pitiful babies I had cared for. They were extremely ill, too. For weeks we had humidifiers running for them to help ease their congestion. They were given antibiotics and nose drops. I was feeding them every 1-2 hours with a syringe because they could not nurse normally. I was also doing chest thumps on two of these babies. I had to help break up the congestion.

God’s hand was in this, as always. Two kittens went on to be adopted by a young couple. We kept the two black kittens, otherwise total opposites. You know them: Grizelda and Chloe Jo. They just celebrated their seventh birthday! 

~Happy Birthday, Girls!~

Baby Grizelda Zoe

Baby Chloe Jo
Baby Sisters
Chloe Jo
~The Girls Today~
I have so many reasons for doing animal rescue. This is what moves me: to see them survive and then to thrive. This is the reward. I am humbled by God’s faith in me. I am honoured by the animal’s trust. I am happy to be a part of their journey. I love each and every one of them. And, I am grateful for the lessons they have all taught me and continue to teach me.
Day Twenty-Six of my Giving Thanks series.
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The Outlaws

Yesterday we shared Wanted posters of the dudes in our town. We were asked why Bonnie was not shown. There is an answer. Surely you have heard of “Miss Kitty” of Gunsmoke fame. Every Old West town had a Saloon Girl like Miss Kitty. She kept the morale up. That is what our Miss Bee does. She keeps things light and easy for us all. She is sweet, loving, and lots of fun.

We were also asked about Clyde’s poster. All of our dudes are musically inclined.  Yes, “Clyde plays electric bass, plays it with finesse and grace…”

These two are definitely Outlaws, just not the ones we thought they were. It seems that they may be here to stay, too.

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Special Minions

Life with minions means living in the moment.
Everything is new and constantly changing.
These two have qualities uniquely their own.

Clyde is a sweet, busy little clown. 

Bonnie is a diva, with both brains and beauty. 

They are both very special little minions.
Their forever home will need to fit their needs.

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Tent Ball: The Next Generation

George created the game Tent Ball.
Then, he recruited Grizelda, who learned to play.
Now, there are two new rookies: Bonnie & Clyde!
We were surprised to see them play Tent Ball, too.
They are fast learners and follow all of the rules!
They keep the tents in place, and the ball in the track.
They take turns with the ball and watch each other
…usually. Well, it looks like Bonnie won by forfeit.