Gulls Just Wanna’ Have Fun

Bill stops at several truck stops.
Many are along the shores of the Great Lakes.

He has a lot of new friends at this particular stop.

He shares his lunch with them.
They actually expect it, too!

There is always one who is a bit more bold.

The Ringleader…or Mob Boss, but
you can see the others moving in, too.

The Boss got up close and personal,
but, just until the food was gone.

See you next time!
And, bring more food!

*All photos by Bill Morris

What’s New?

Let’s go have coffee with Ms RoryBore, of Ink Interrupted. She always has good coffee and conversation. The Coffee Chat topic this week is: What’s new with You?”

Usually, when I am asked that, I have to scrounge for answers. Either it is things that no one really wants to know, or it is…nothing. As Granny used to say, “Sometimes, no news is good news”. Granny was a wise old woman. Often, things are very routine, even predictable, not that there’s anything wrong with that. I am a person who truly values sameness. I firmly believe that sameness offers security.

Lately, however, things have been changing. We do think these things will be good ones. Well, that is the plan. These changes have all been carefully orchestrated. Yeah, I know, it is always a gamble. But, hope springs eternal, as it is meant to.

Speaking of that, Spring is new. We have been cleaning up the yard and uncovering flower beds, as the new plants sprout up and out of the ground. Picking up branches is almost a daily chore, too. The neighbor’s Birch trees are continuously shedding branches. Bill has also been pruning and trimming bushes, trees, and the old Rose of Sharon. He mulches all of the branches and twigs, and then uses the mulch in the gardens. He was blessed with a very green thumb. I only assist, because I was cursed with a very brown thumb. I am excellent with critters, plants, not so much.

Spring also brought a new job direction for Bill. He is still an over-the-road (long haul) trucker. However, now he drives a dedicated route, which he runs at night. He is gone for a night or two at a time, and home on weekends. He has new routes, new customers, even new equipment. This really is a major change for all of us, though. We all have new schedules, that allow us to get back to a more normal life. Thankfully, we will even be able to spend holidays together!

~Kenzie, in her new favourite spot~

Kenzie is our new family member. She is Stella’s dog-sister, though the cats are very agreeable, too. Our furkids are all very well socialized and loving. Much to her surprise, Kenzie is now getting lots of loving, too. This is all new for Kenzie. We suspect she had a very serious, sedentary, rigid life. She is getting used to a new, active lifestyle, filled with lively cats, a playful dog, busy people, and a new big yard to actually run around in. Kenzie is quite overweight, so her new diet and playtime will lead to a new, healthier self! 

I have a new challenge, too. I will be participating in the Blogging A-Z Challenge this year. I have not done this before though I always considered it. I feared that I would not be able to keep up. This April, in celebration of National Poetry Month, I will post a poem each day. The title (or subtitle) of the poem will contain the letter of that day, with Sundays an off-day. The poetry that I post will be a variety of poems: some classic, some contemporary, some well-known, some little-known. Many of these poems have been part of my literary inspiration, going all the way back to grade school. Other poems were written by me.

I am always writing and reading. My plan is to get back to a routine in blogging. I want to post more frequently, including poetry, stories, memes, and book reviews. Hopefully, the new schedule will lead to a new-and-improved writing routine. Again, hope springs eternal. I believe! 

So, what’s new with you?

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Stella’s Storm

Bill and Stella are still out on the road.They spent the weekend fighting the wind and rain across the heartland. They got as far as Checotah, Oklahoma on Saturday. Bill took this video of the torrential rain coming down when they stopped there. This same unstable storm is  bringing rain, sleet, snow or a “wintry mixture” depending upon the temperatures.
Bill and Stella put off going out in the rain for as long as possible. However, Nature calls in different ways, and Stella had to go out in the storm. Here is what she thought of it.

This was after walking in the heavy rain, flooded parking area, and flooded grassy areas. She hurried back to the truck, where Dad dried her off and made her comfy.

Stella says to be careful out there. Stay warm and dry, if you can. And pray for nice weather.

Stella’s Excellent Adventure

Stella has become a trucker. She is Dad’s over-the-road assistant. But, she is a girlie-girl, so it is interesting how she has trained Dad. He even serves her in bed.

Stella knows Dad has many things he has to do. At “The Yard”, the trucking company headquarters, she likes to sit outside with him while they wait for laundry to be finished. Of course, this was after everyone gave her attention and treats. She is quite popular.

However, all is not fun and games; there is a lot of hard work. They drive over 600 miles a day/night. It can be stressful, with weather, traffic, shippers and receivers rules, and other things that must be taken care of. It is constantly changing.

Being a lady, Stella insists on decent places to relieve herself. She prefers lush grass, as that is what she has at home. She has learned that the terrain varies from truck stop to rest stop and shipper to receiver. Dad knows to look for “grassy knolls” for his little partner. Of course, when necessary, she does what she needs to do. She is smart and knows it may be awhile before the next stop. 

One of Stella’s jobs is to make sure that things are in order. Her biggest concern is keeping track of the truck, both tractor and trailer. She knows which one is Dad’s, and where it is at all times. After her walk, she heads right for it. However, she is not happy when there is no trailer. 

Each shipper and receiver has their own system. Sometimes at a shipper, a loaded trailer is ready. It is a “drop and hook”. Other times, the trailer may not be ready for hours. Dad must leave the trailer and to go to a truck stop to take his break. Stella is not happy when the trailer is missing. She frets and tries to tell Dad that something is very wrong. She knows what Dad’s truck is supposed to look like. 

Trucking is a tough job, but someone has to do it. Dad and Stella make a good team. After a long day, they will share their time winding down together. Dad has his meal and Stella has her kibble. Then they will take a nice walk. If the grass is just right, Stella will get the Zoomies, eventually flopping down on her back. Of course, Dad will take a moment to scratch her belly. Then she will lead them back to the right truck, in case Dad forgets. Dad will give her fresh water, and get things set up for tomorrow. Everything is right in the world. So, finally they call it a day…together.

Stella, sleeping on her back,
next to her Dad