Kenzie Blue

You can teach an old dog new tricks. In two years, Kenzie has come a long way with us. She used to be afraid of anyone who got too close to her. Physically, she would freeze in place. But, she kept her distance emotionally, too. Kenzie seemed to always expect the worst.

With consistent rules, routine, healthy diet and treat program, we all wore her down. Of course, at the root of all of this is love. Gradually, Kenzie caught onto this. She learned that Stella is her BFF, sister, and her anchor. Of course, Stella is the reluctant alpha-dog. Yet, she showed Kenzie the ropes, as well as the finer things in life.

Kenzie learned that good manners will get you healthy treats. She learned how to sit still, and how to shake hands (“Friends?”). She learned the wonders of freedom in a huge fenced yard, too. And, that squirrels are very fast. Kenzie learned about being a family dog.

Kenzie learned about comfy beds, and that they can be shared with cats. Who knew? She also found out that cats are actually pretty cool. Choe Jo taught Kenzie how to cuddle.  She learned how to accept love.

It took Kenzie quite awhile to realize that this is a permanent arrangement. Once she realized that we are all safe and that she is safe with us, she developed separation anxiety. She could not bear the thought of Stella being away from her. She was terrified if we left home without her. Her panic was obvious. That was when Kenzie started carrying our socks around. She would steal them, put them in her bed, and sleep with them. She still does. But, it’s okay, because she feels better when she has our socks.

At eleven years old, Kenzie is right where she is meant to be. She is safe, loved, spoiled, and happy. She has several cat siblings who hang around her. She loves to run and gets the zoomies at least once a day. Her Sheltie sister, Stella, helps her run them off. When the zoomies are all depleted, there are nice comfy beds to relax in. She is happy,  secure, and she is Home. 

Life is good. Right, Kenzie? Happy, happy, happy. We plan on keeping it that way, too. 

 ~Happy 11th Birthday, Kenzie Blue~
We love you very much!


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Clyde at 9 weeks

Clyde lives life to the fullest. He has always been this way. In his short six months so far, he has been an inspiration. Through every health challenge he has experienced, Clyde just bucks up and powers through it. He never complains about treatment, medication, or pain. He will always have health issues, as his heart works hard to keep up with his spirit. Clyde continues to meet every challenge with enthusiasm and verve. Whether he is playing or resting, Clyde is all in. I think we can learn from Clyde and his pure zest for Life…no matter what it brings to us!

Clyde at six months

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Today was “the day” for the minions. They are five-and-a-half months old. 5 ½ months. They are big enough and mature enough to have their “procedures”, but they are still babies. We planned the procedures so they could be together. And, then it all went awry.
Bee went through her surgery and micro-chipping like a real trooper. She is very healthy. She is also smart, cooperative, and a little lady.

Clyde was microchipped, but he cannot be neutered. During his pre-surgical exam, there was some question about his heart. X-rays showed that Clyde has a very enlarged heart. I am quite stunned at the films of Clyde’s heart.
Dr. D. took films of Bee’s heart to compare to Clyde’s. Bee’s heart is normal in size and shape. Clyde’s heart is more than twice the size it should be, and is very abnormal in shape and appearance. Clyde’s lungs are also affected, showing congestion associated with the enlarged heart. In addition to this, his liver is also compromised. His liver enzymes are quite elevated.
Brother and sister stayed together. I picked them both up after meeting with Dr. D. They came home, and were very happy to be reunited with the others. Bee is groggy, but sleeping it off with Stella. Clyde took his place on the top of the cat tree, after being reassured by Mom that all is well.

For now, Clyde has no idea that anything is wrong. He has started Lasix treatment. He will be monitored very closely. Our goal is to stabilize him. We want to make him comfortable so he can play and just be Clyde. If we can do that, he may live for (up to) five years. This will take him at an early age. We know that.
We are heartbroken for Clyde. He has had more than his share of ills. They are not connected, either. He is a trooper to have gone through all of this with a strong spirit. We are proud of our Sweet Boy. He is total confidence and never gives up. He has an attitude of, “I got dis!” He is full of love for everyone: human, cat, dog. And, he deserves love and happiness in return. Clyde, “we got dis”, Sweet Boy.

The Outlaws

Yesterday we shared Wanted posters of the dudes in our town. We were asked why Bonnie was not shown. There is an answer. Surely you have heard of “Miss Kitty” of Gunsmoke fame. Every Old West town had a Saloon Girl like Miss Kitty. She kept the morale up. That is what our Miss Bee does. She keeps things light and easy for us all. She is sweet, loving, and lots of fun.

We were also asked about Clyde’s poster. All of our dudes are musically inclined.  Yes, “Clyde plays electric bass, plays it with finesse and grace…”

These two are definitely Outlaws, just not the ones we thought they were. It seems that they may be here to stay, too.

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Clyde’s Recovery

Clyde assisted in the lab, before he went into surgery.
Thankfully, the vet team had his surgery under control!
It went pretty well. Thoroughly debrided and cleaned out, 
the wound was surgically closed. He was sent into Recovery.

Clyde swaddled and resting comfortably in Recovery.
He is quite popular with his vet team, whom he loves, too.
Both hospital pictures were taken by our longtime
veterinary technician Nicole, whom we all adore.

Clyde continues to rest comfortably at home. 
He is on an antibiotic and will have stitches for 10-14 days.
He will continue wearing T-shirts to keep them securely in place.

Clyde finds comfort with Stella, who is happy to offer it.
She will keep him safe and secure. Love does that.

*I will be catching up on visits on Monday.
Thanks for your patience and understanding.
Take care of your loved ones and also of You.*

Support for Texas

As Texas struggles with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, there is hope. And there are helping hands to bring that hope and make it happen. Here are some who are involved in storm disaster assistance. Please contact them to see what you can do. Prayers for those affected by this natural disaster, and for those who are helping them in its aftermath.

First Portraits

This is the first portrait session for our 
newest minions. It was a challenge for them, 
and, to be honest, for me, as well. But,
we wanted to show you how they are doing.
Clyde’s eyes are fully opened, while
Bonnie is very impatient for hers to be.
She is quite determined and bossy.
Clyde is calm and cooperative.
Together, they are quite a pair. 

First, they wanted to go one way.

Then, they decided to go the other way.

Oops…that was when Bonnie stumbled,

and had a little trouble recovering. 

Let’s see…where were we?

Well, that’s not right!

Okay, a close-up of Clyde. 

And, now a close-up of Bonnie.
There you have it. Bonnie & Clyde.
It is hard to capture Outlaws, even minions.
We will get better at this, though.
They will be with us for at least a couple of months,
while they grow and learn how to take over the world.
Now, I believe it is time for a catnap.
See you soon!

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